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Make guests feel welcome with thoughtful personal touches

The holidays are a time when many of us open our homes to guests. It’s an anticipated time of year for many as we get to spend time with friends, family and loved ones that we may not have seen throughout the rest of the year. And after nearly two years of social distancing and isolation due to COVID-19, there’s something extra sweet and wonderful about getting together for the 2021 holidays, even if we still must be cautious.

Dining Room

EH Design | Dining Room

One of the absolute pleasures of being a host is the ability to create an environment where guests feel welcome. One of the easiest ways to do this is through the addition of thoughtful personal touches.

If you don’t know where to start, a great way to think about this is to put yourself in your guests’ shoes: what would make you feel most comfortable? While you can tell your guests to make themselves at home, little host touches can immediately set that feeling for them.

Family Room Pillows

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Whether your guests will be arriving for a few hours or a few days, one of the easiest ways to do this is to make room for them and their belongings. Start by ensuring the guest bedroom or designated sleeping area for your guests is clean and tidy, with clean, cozy bedding. Fluff the pillows and add an extra, easily accessible blanket or throw in case the room feel cold. This allows your guest to feel comfortable without having to ask for additional bedding. For a welcoming touch, add fresh flowers in a beautiful vase. A bottle of water or two is thoughtful, and it lets your guests avoid searching through an unfamiliar kitchen for a glass in the middle of the night.

Guest Bedroom

EH Design | Guest Bedroom

Overnight guests will have belongings, whether it’s multiple suitcases or an overnight bag. If they’re staying in a guest room, clear space for their personal belongings, including a flat surface and space for any luggage. Provide empty hangers in the closet should they wish to hang any clothing. Guests sleeping in more common spaces ­will also appreciate a designated area to keep their personal belongings discreetly together, yet out of the way, even if they’re bunking down in a family room or on an air mattress for the visit.

Guest Luggage Organization

Living in a digital world means that its highly likely your guests will need to charge their phones and any other personal digital equipment that they’ve brought with them. A thoughtful gesture is to not only make sure a nearby outlet is clear, but also to provide a readily accessible power strip for their plugs.

EH Design | Guest Bedroom

Bedside Charging Ideas

In a guest bathroom, add a touch of luxury with a new candle in their favorite scent (or one that reflects the holiday), your favorite toiletries on a tray in case they’ve forgotten something, and sumptuous guest towels set out for their use. Guests will appreciate anything that is obviously set out for their use.

EH Design | Guest Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Essentials

Another hospitable touch is to stock your kitchen with things you know your guests will enjoy. Finding their favorite beverages, sweet treats or even a selection of fresh fruit in a bowl can help them immediately feel at home.

EH Design | Kitchen

Finally, it’s most likely you and your guest share fond memories of previous get togethers. If you happen to have any mementos of those times, bring them out and incorporate them into the shared spaces of your homes. Favorite photos can be slipped into into frames for display. Chances are, these photos will bring back wonderful shared memories as you make new ones this holiday season.

These simple touches can go a long way in helping your guests feel welcome, comfortable, and at home! Your guests will really appreciate you going the extra mile.

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