Set the Table for a Memorable Thanksgiving​​

Set the Table for a Memorable Thanksgiving​​

Thanksgiving is almost here and preparations are in order for the most important meal of the year. While cooking everything is certainly the most challenging part of hosting, getting your house and table Thanksgiving-ready are also no small feats when you have a big group coming. Luckily, decorating is the fun part! No matter your style, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you set the table for a memorable Thanksgiving feast.

Decide On A Color Scheme

Traditional Thanksgiving tablescape ideas often feature a color palette of burnt orange, deep red, and chocolate brown – cozy colors that reflect the foliage outside. You truly can’t go wrong by sticking to the classics, but if you would like to add a contemporary twist to your Thanksgiving tablescape, there are many unique color palette options to try. For example, you might consider a metallic gold theme. Gold evokes a sense of warmth while also bringing in a luxe quality. Even a few gold accents on your Thanksgiving table can elevate your aesthetic. Another option is to go with a chic blue and white table scheme using chinoiserie vases and plates as well as white pumpkins. This stylish take on Thanksgiving will surprise and delight your guests.

Select Your Linens

Depending on the type of table you have, you might like to use a tablecloth, placemats, or a table runner for your Thanksgiving meal. A wooden table is a beautiful base for Thanksgiving as it ties into the organic emphasis of the season. If you have a festive Thanksgiving tablecloth, now is the time to pull it out for its once-a-year moment to shine. If not, a white tablecloth will work as it’s easy to layer with another more colorful decor.

Set The Table

As with the tablecloth, if you have Thanksgiving-themed tableware, now is the perfect time to use it. Don’t worry if not! You can use white or fall-hued plates and bowls – there will be plenty of time to achieve that autumn feeling with other table decor. Layering is recommended to create the biggest impact. Start by setting down a plate charger and then stack the dinner plate, salad plate, and bowl on top. Even if you aren’t using all of these for the meal, the setup looks beautiful when your guests arrive.

Create A Centerpiece

After you have laid your table, it’s time to create an eye-catching centerpiece. You can either create one large centerpiece or spread objects evenly along the center of the table. A large, wide vase filled with fall flowers is stunning and can be accented by fall berry branches. Or, you can set up a few pillar candles or candle lanterns and scatter pumpkins, gourds, apples, and nuts around them. Be sure to vary the heights of your centerpiece items along the table so that people can see each other.

Incorporate Family Traditions

A time to celebrate being with family and loved ones, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without personal touches and family traditions. Be sure to put out place cards out so that everyone knows where to sit and feels like they have a special place at your table. These can be anything from calligraphed cards to mini pumpkins with guests’ names written on them. When it comes time for the celebration, take a moment to share any family traditions or start a new one together. For example, you can each say what you are thankful for and what the year has brought.

A beautiful Thanksgiving table sets the tone for the evening and creates a memorable place to dine. Whether you’re creating a traditional or modern Thanksgiving tablescape, we recommend setting everything up in advance so that you can focus on cooking and entertaining when the big day comes. It will not only reduce your stress to have your table set, but also serve as festive decor in the days leading up to the 24th. Happy Thanksgiving!

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