Project Stoop Jungle | Containers for Small Space Gardening

Project Stoop Jungle | Containers for Small Space Gardening

I confess, I am a hard core plant murderer.  Many a green thing has come under my care only to shrivel and die shortly thereafter. My alibis have been weak, my victims have been many.

But I’m turning over a new leaf lately.  I’ve gotten much better with plants as I’ve learned to pick the right ones for my style.  I forsaken big showy flowers for colorful leafy varieties that can last with a more neglectful owner like me.  And when arranged in the right way, they look just as lovely and showy without the extra effort.

So project Stoop Jungle was born.  The entryway needed some curb appeal.  The front stoop is all concrete so container gardens were the name of the game. Instead of my usual tactic of putting a few small plants near the door and letting them grow to full size just in time for the them to die when the weather turned chilly, I am trying a new tactic.  Filling the containers with beautiful plants so we can enjoy the whole season.  No need to wait until they get bigger because they are lush and lovely right now!  I also mixed and matched traditionally indoor house plants out here as well which add a lot of height and fullness. When the season is over, I can move them indoors to continue to enjoy them all year.  And much to my shock (how did I not know this?) indoor house plants are affordable despite their size so they really make the budget stretch farther.

Off I went to my go-to for all things DIY, Lowe’s  – and got to loading my cart with all the prettiest plants and planters as well as dirt and fertilizer to keep those plants glowing and growing.

I’m loving these green ceramic (and frost resistant) planters which really look beautiful with any plant and come in small and large sizes. They worked beautifully with these lightweight resin planters I used for the other plants. I used Miracle-Gro Performance Organics which is specially made for container gardens and hopefully will give these plants the best start. Of course, Aggie was eager to lend a helping hand.

For color scheme I stuck with blues, reds, purples and of course greens. I got so many good plants including Lobelia, Dragon’s Breath Celosia,  Elephant Ear, Sedum,  Veronica and Sanseveria.

When I got home, my front yard looked like I was about to kick off a plant sale.  But once I got to mixing and matching the plants and laying the planters on my front steps, it all came together.  A few hours of sweating in the sun and the stoop jungle was born.  Now all I have to do is water it and enjoy!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lowe’s but all opinions expressed are my own.

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