What’s Trending in Kitchen Design For 2022 and Beyond

What’s Trending in Kitchen Design For 2022 and Beyond

The kitchen is one of the most requested rooms for remodeling services in Norwood, MA. Many homeowners want to improve this essential room’s functionality and beauty. Before embarking on your kitchen remodeling in Massachusetts, it’s critical to explore the latest trends to ensure your kitchen looks fantastic and improves your home’s value.

Bold Colors


Many homeowners still opt for white cabinets or other neutral tones in their kitchen remodeling in Norwood. In addition to the standard neutral colors, adding pops of bold color is growing more popular. Homeowners love adding accent pieces in bold hues to make their kitchens more visually appealing. Your remodeling contractors will help you temper the bold colors to ensure they don’t take over the room.


Open, Airy Kitchens


Families spend significant time in the kitchen, preparing and sharing meals and gathering to chat or do homework. This behavior is contributing to a trend of open, airy kitchens from remodeling services in Norwood, MA. These kitchens incorporate plenty of windows and natural light to brighten the room and make them feel more inviting. Skylights and large windows can accomplish this goal, along with lighter colors.


Metal Is Making a Comeback


Learn what's trending in kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen remodeling trends every year.

Upcoming trends for kitchen remodeling in Massachusetts are seeing metal components returning to style. Metal elements can add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, whether you choose high-end stainless steel appliances or copper cookware to display and use. Metal is also a durable material, which prolongs the life of your new kitchen.


Decorative End Panels


Decorative cabinet doors have been in style for years, but many homeowners now opt for decorative end panels too. These panels protect your cabinet doors from damage when opening and closing them and add a touch of style to your kitchen remodeling in Norwood. They also provide a finished look by covering gaps between cabinet doors or the sides.


Sustainable Materials


Today’s homeowners are more eco-friendly than ever. Everyone wants to protect the environment while improving their home’s appearance and function. Remodeling services in Norwood, MA, can recommend sustainable materials that look fantastic and give homeowners peace of mind they are doing their part. Bamboo and cork make excellent choices for countertops and cabinets, while recycled glass and metal are perfect for backsplashes.


Mix and Match Materials


Everything doesn’t have to match precisely to give your kitchen an inviting atmosphere. Kitchen remodeling in Massachusetts can benefit from mixing and matching materials and textures to add depth to your kitchen. Combining soothing wood tones and rustic stone can make an impressive kitchen you can enjoy for years. 


If you’re preparing for kitchen remodeling in Massachusetts, our team is ready to help you plan a beautiful, functional kitchen. Contact us today to start working on your dream kitchen.

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