DIY Patina Faux Finish with Paint

DIY Patina Faux Finish with Paint

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I started this project a while back but never finished it. I started going in one direction with it and…stopped. Do you have any projects like that?? I bet you do! Well, when I realized that our “Trash to Treasure” was only a few days away and I didn’t have anything remotely ready, I pulled this one out and decided to make it pretty! It was certainly almost in the trash pile or at least the “I’ve forgotten all about you” pile! ha!

If you remember, we recently finished our hall bath update/remodel. Did you miss it? If so, you can catch the full remodel, even painting the tile floor, here. >>> Hall Bath Remodel Reveal (x2!)

The mirror that was in there (pictured below) was replaced by a new mirror. The white framed mirror needed a new look. White is great and was a nice, new addition to the first bath remodel we did years ago in there. But it was time for a full update.

Which means I had an extra white mirror on my hands and well, blah. Let’s do something fun with it!

So I did.

DIY Patina Faux Finish with Paint

white mirror on wall before


So, I had begun this makeover months ago. I had taken it down, taped it up to protect the mirror, and spray-painted it gold. I realized that was not what I wanted to do with it but wasn’t sure just what so set it to the side.

I pulled it out for today’s project and decided to create a faux copper patina with it instead. So I took it outside and spray-painted over the gold with the Sparkling Canyon (copper-colored) paint. This is a great base and the same one I used for one of my favorite patina’d projects.
You can see that project here >>> Old Metal Makeover with Faux Patina Finish

This makeover is similar.

Here it is with the newly painted copper base coat color. It’s the perfect color for this and looks like real metal underneath.

copper base paint color

Once that was fully dry I began painting a slightly watered-down mix of French Eggshell (linked above) over the copper with a paintbrush. You can use a chip brush for this too. I think this color is perfect for the blue patina look.

french eggshell paint jar

Chalk paints also work great with this tutorial. You can also use acrylic craft paints too if that is what you have on hand.

Create the patina faux finish like this…

brushing on aqua paint

I’m not trying to cover fully here because I want some of that copper paint to show through. So there is no need for a second coat for this painting technique.

I worked in sections so the paint wouldn’t dry too much before I began to wipe it back with a paper towel. You can also use an old rag too.

wiping away aqua paint

There really is no wrong way to do this. You want some of it to show through on the high points so just wipe and if you wipe too much, just add back a little paint. You can wipe or dab the paint away.

copper showing through

You are definitely not going for perfection. As copper weathers, it does so organically, not perfectly, right?

copper showing through

I continued this all the way around the mirror creating “layers”.

copper showing through

copper showing through

Once I was happy with how much copper was showing through I let it dry.
Then I applied some Bronze Gilder’s Paste over the copper areas and even some of the blue areas. I simply wipe with my finger and add to the frame to give it the look of true aged copper.

copper showing through

It added a different hue of bronze as well as some shimmer and a little more dimension too.

You can also use bronze paint in the same way if you like.

And that’s it!

I didn’t seal it with anything since Fusion Mineral paint does not need to be sealed. I liked the more “flat-ish” look, sort of weathered look instead.

patina'd mirror on floor

Oh, look at who I see.

white dog in reflection

My sweet little guy hanging out with me snapping photos. (and sucking on his “baby bed”…his favorite, the bed that was in his first little carrier)

Up close…

copper showing through mirror frame

copper showing through

copper showing through

His two favorites, “baby bed” and “baby” which is right behind him. Both he’s had since he was a puppy baby.

white dog on colorful rug

I thought I’d stage it up on the small chest too. A little big for it but at least it shows it a bit better.

mirror on white dresser

mirror on white dresser

copper showing through

copper showing through

Have you tried a patina finish before?? It’s really easy to do!

patina mirror on white dresser

Like this finish?
I have another post about this you might like here >>> How To Create Faux Patina (done just a little differently)

And this one for more of a “verdigris” look here >>> How To Create Faux Verdigris

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This DIY Patina Faux Finish is simple to do! All you need is a little paint, brush, and wipe! Zero perfection needed, anyone can do it!

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Hope you enjoy!!

Have a wonderful week, friends!


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