Top Tips for Keeping our Lightning Fixtures Clean, Shiny, and Functional for Years

We give so much thought and efforts in selecting the best lightning fixtures for every corner of our home. We give importance to the need of illumination of every room and select the fixtures accordingly. We also match the fixtures with the interiors of our house such modern and technologically advanced form of lightings for a smarter home and crystal chandeliers for more traditional interiors

You can look for beautiful and affordable chandeliers for your living room at Sofary. Whether you are looking for functional lights such as those required for kitchen countertops, vanity rooms, stairs, or decorative lightning such as living room chandeliers this company has covered it all with their exclusive variety and affordability. 

We however often forget that every lightning fixture requires regular maintenance and cleaning as any other furnishing of our home. Our work must not end at selection and installation of these masterpieces that illuminate the rooms of our house. If we do not clean them regularly, dust can affect the amount of light that is otherwise produced from our beautiful fixtures. 

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How to keep lightning fixtures clean?

  1. Use microfiber dusters:
  • This is especially necessary to clean hanging lights that catch as much dust as any other furniture of our home. 
  • You can either use an extendable one or a simple feather duster for this task.
  1. Use a damp cloth:
  • It is specifically important to clean the inner and outer surfaces of the glass or metal of your lightning fixtures. 
  1. Use dish soap for kitchen lights:
  • The chains of hanging lights in the kitchen area can get covered with grease very frequently. 
  • We must use a dish soap poured over a micro fiber duster to clean the same at least once a month.
  1. Clean the fabric shades of your bed side lamps:
  • Dust tends to easily accumulate on these fabric shades and must be regularly dusted with a dry cloth. 
  • If you are unable to clean it daily for some reason you can remove the fabric shade and clean it thoroughly with your vacuum cleaner’s duster attachment.
  1. Use grease cleaner for stove top light cover:
  • Although we all cover our stove top lights with plastic to prevent grease accumulation, the cover itself can get greasy. 
  • This needs to be cleaned regularly to allow sufficient light to pass through the cover. 
  1. Clean your bathroom lights every time you take a bath as the steam mixed dust can form a hard to remove layer.
  2. Use dishwasher:
  • You only use this for plain glass of the wall scones. 
  • Place the glass in the dishwasher and run a complete washing cycle and later fine clean it with a dry cloth. 

You must ensure that even the bulbs are removed and cleaned every now and then at least once a month to ensure that your lights function and illuminate properly. If your light fixtures have special finishes on them, you need to take extra care while cleaning them. Treat your light fixtures in the same way you would treat other furnishings of your home and ensure your house is nice and bright throughout the year.