How to Dispose of Old Tires in a Garage Cleanout

Have you bought a new set of winter tires and don’t know what to do with the old ones? Please do not simply dispose of the old tires in a garage or burn them in the garden. JunkGator tells you what you can do with the old tires and how to get junk pickup services to clear your garage.

Disposing of car tires is not a trivial offense. Instead, discarding tires, for example, in parking lots on the motorway or burning them in your garden, is an actual environmental crime. A substantial fine will be imposed if the police catch people engaging in such activities.

Old tires must be disposed of responsibly. Even the best tires wear out after some kilometers and need to be replaced with new ones. After changing tires, every driver is faced with the task of properly disposing of their old tires. It is vital to consider several legal requirements that every car owner should be aware of in the United States.

Disposing of tires: you need to know that!

The vehicle manual explains which models are suitable for the respective car. But how can the old tires be disposed of? Is regular household waste or hazardous waste ideal for this? And can old tires be recycled?

Several factors affect the material’s durability and when you need to dispose of the tires, consider these factors:

  • the mileage,
  • the driving style
  • the quality of the tires and
  • their age.

Even the most expensive tire will eventually wear out. The driving style, in particular, can vary greatly from driver to driver and has a major impact on tire wear. Basically, you can expect a new tire to have a service life of around four years. High-quality or little-used tires usually last longer. It is then important to ensure that the car tire is disposed of properly.

How can I dispose of my tires?

In principle, the disposal of car tires must be carried out by garage cleanout services near me. Junk collectors can disassemble the tires into their parts and then dispose of them properly. Car tires are not only made of rubber! A disposal company must therefore carry out the proper separation of the materials.

A modern car tire is a piece of high-tech and has a correspondingly complicated structure. This is where expert knowledge is required when separating these composites.

If you have your car tires disposed of by a specialist, you are on the safe side. The company always complies with critical legal requirements regarding the disposal of used tires. Disposal by a professional junk hauling company is also important because car tires contain toxic substances that must not be released into the environment.

What must I not do when disposing of used tires?

Under no circumstances should you dispose of your old tires by putting them in the household waste. Tires are a composite waste because, in addition to rubber, they also consist of iron and textile components.

Therefore, it is necessary to separate the individual tire components from one another before disposing of them. Bulky waste is just as out of the question!

Incorrect storage or disposal of car tires can result in fines according to the catalog of fines for waste and waste disposal, which is issued for the individual federal states.

Who can dispose of my tires?

The right contacts are tire dealers, scrap dealers, car repair shops, and the recycling center. Motorists can also contact the specialized garage cleanout companies directly, but not everyone will find such a company in their area. 

On the other hand, tire dealers and car workshops can be found in every city or municipality and dispose of the materials just as professionally. Whichever of the above options you choose, you can always be sure that the tires will be disposed of following legal requirements and recycled environmentally friendly.

Tire disposal costs

Many tire dealers, car repair shops, and junk removal companies specializing in car tires, as well as the building yards, scrap dealers, and recycling centers, accept car tires free of charge. This is usually low if the recycling center or scrap dealer charges a fee. In any case, the tires will be disposed of professionally, and you don’t have to worry about anything else.

If you want to dispose of your car tires, you shouldn’t shy away from the small fee. However, many workshops couple the acceptance of used tires with the simultaneous purchase of new tires. If in doubt, ask your tire dealer. As a rule, they will take care of disposal if you buy new tires from them and have them fitted. Also, there are cheap junk removal companies that ideally dispose of your old wheels.


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