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Proudly South African, Gommagomma has been supplying South Africans with comfortable, quality seating for over 30 years.

A specialist lounge furniture manufacturer, Gommagomma knows the difference between a good and a great couch. Here, the team share their top tips for selecting a great new couch that will last you for years to come:

1. Space

It may seem obvious but many customers forget to properly measure their space before going couch shopping, which often leaves them with a too-big or too-small piece of furniture.

Remember to measure the space the couch has to go into, as well as doorways and passages leading to it to ensure it can fit through.

2. Size

Apart from the physical dimensions of the space the couch has to fit into, also keep in mind how many people you want the seating to accommodate comfortably: is it a couch for reading by yourself or for watching movies on family night, for instance?

3. Material

When it comes to upholstery material, there’s a wide range of options available, from easy-to-clean fabrics such as microfibre to durable leather. Choose a material that suits your family and your needs.

Be sure to check that seams are neat and straight and that upholstery patterns line up – these are all signs of a quality piece of furniture.

4. Frame
When looking at couches, it is super important to take the frame into account – it is, after all, what holds everything together. A quality couch will have a solid hardwood or metal frame for longevity.

5. Style
Lastly, keep your decor scheme in mind. Whether classic, country house, minimalist, modern or retro, there is sure to be a couch in the style, shape and colour you need. 

In addition, many couches have extras such as a reclining function, storage or decorative detailing such as carved armrests or deep-button detailing – carefully choose the options that best fit with your interior vision.


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