DIY Sculpted Branch Candelabra | Centsational Style

DIY Sculpted Branch Candelabra | Centsational Style

As I’ve outlined quite a few instances, my most current passion is sculpting with clay. My eight week ceramics course has influenced my new found hobby so obtaining my fingers on clay to variety it into styles is a bit of an obsession in the second.

I needed to generate a candelabra for potential vacation desk options, one particular that was simple but organic in its kind. I applied a branch as the base and sculpted the sort with air dry clay.


Grapevine branches are $40 or additional so in its place I ordered a pair of compact chicken perches and connected them jointly with warm glue. Working with existing branches as the foundation saved me the stress of sculpting a department on my personal.

The branches ended up wrapped in clay and sculpted inch by inch to build the random natural construction.


Materials: 2.2 lb modeling clay rolling pin thick curvy branch water ¾” copper cap fittings (to keep candles) white spray paint incredibly hot glue taper candles.

The challenge is really easy, but will take an hour of your time. Identify a thick branch with some motion. Slash air dry clay into long strips and slim it out with a rolling pin. Use those people strips in parts to wrap all over the branches. Sharper corners or edges need to have an added layer of clay.

When the branch is wrapped in clay use your fingers to variety it all around the edges of the branch. To create a clean surface, dip your fingers in a small amount of water and function the moisture all around the area of the clay. It took me about 45 minutes to completely sculpt the elongated department so be affected person with it and love the process, it feels fantastic! Reserve a handful of ounces of clay wrapped in plastic for patching if required.

Permit the department to dry a total 24 hours in a warm dry location. Once it’s absolutely dry you may observe a number of cracks where the clay shrunk down as the moisture evaporated. Fill any cracks with remaining clay, clean like right before, and make it possible for to dry.

The taper candle caps are copper fittings identified in the plumbing office at a property enhancement shop (see website link earlier mentioned). I spray painted them white and secured them to the sculpted department with warm glue. I also utilized the level on my phone with the candle in the cap fitting to make absolutely sure they would burn off straight!


All that work will give you the most exceptional candelabra for your holiday tablescapes!






If you’d like to make your centerpiece stand out even additional, down below are some resources for exclusive taper candles in some definitely attractive hues.

extravagant tapers / beeswax dipped

hand dipped pastels / swirl tapers

gradient established

twisted tapers / square tapers

vivid pastels 


 earthy shades / personalized colours


fancy tapers – several colors

soft pastel tapers

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