Clean Bathroom Hacks: How to Clean Your Bathroom In 5 Minutes


Of all the simple pleasures of life, a clean bathroom is up there with anything you can think of really. The problem is, the bathroom is arguably everyone’s least favorite room to clean

That’s especially the case if you are strapped for time. So, how can you keep things clean if you only have five minutes to spare?

First trick right off the bat: keep your cleaning supplies in the bathroom. The last thing you want is to spend a few minutes or even seconds of your time collecting your bathroom cleaning tools.

With that out of the way, here’s how to clean a bathroom step-by-step in five minutes (or less):

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Step 1: Clear off surfaces

Time: 30 seconds

Spend the first half a minute clearing off surfaces. This will ensure that there are no objects and items getting in your way as you clean. Put away those magazines, makeup tools, straight iron and anything else that may be lying around.

Additionally, remember to close the shower curtain if your bathroom has one.

Step 2: Apply cleaning agents

Time: 1 minute

Drop a few squirts of your favorite toilet cleaner in the bowl. Follow this by spraying the toilet seat, sinks, counters and shower with a cleaner.

There are many bathroom cleaning hacks out there, each with a suggested cleaner. But generally, you want a formula that contains vinegar.

That’s because vinegar is a powerful acetic acid that can remove dirt, grease, mineral deposits, grime and (most importantly) bacteria.

Step 3: Scrub the toilet bowl

Time: 30 seconds

With your toilet brush, give the bowl a quick scrub. Make your scrubbing motions strong enough to get all the dirt and germs.

Rest the brush between the toilet seat and bowl, so that the seat holds it in place as it drips water into the bowl. Hence you won’t transfer toilet water into the brush holder.

Step 4: Clean the surfaces

Time: 2 minutes

The fourth step is all about cleaning the surfaces you sprayed in step 2. Use paper towels or a microfiber cloth to wipe them down.

Start with the mirror and work your way down to the countertops and sink. Finish with a quick wipe down of shower surfaces, toilet seat and toilet tank. These will certainly be your busiest two minutes of the five, but it’s possible to get all the surfaces properly clean within that time.

Step 5: Check the floor

Time: 1 minute

With clean bathroom sinks, surfaces and toilet, you can now shift attention to the floor. If it’s clean, then you are good to go. However, chances are you will need to wipe up dirt spots and disinfect the floor.

Many people often wonder, can you clean bathroom tiles with bleach? The answer is yes. In fact, bleach does an excellent job at killing germs, eliminating odors and brightening surfaces. Therefore, use it to quickly wipe up the floor.

And that’s how to clean your bathroom in 5 minutes or less.

How to Clean Your Bathroom In 5 Minutes

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Some professional cleaning tips for bathrooms

Since the bathroom is the most visited room in a house, you generally want to stay on top of things as far as its neatness. Here are some bathroom cleaning hacks that can save you time and effort:

· Consider a deep clean bathroom routine at least once a month to control unpleasant odors and kill disease-causing germs.

· Keep surfaces and bathroom items dry all the time to prevent mildew and consequently deter mold.

· Figure how to clean bathroom sinks effectively without damaging them. You may use a cleaner to kill bacteria and baking soda to remove stains. Furthermore, don’t forget the drain. There are many guides online on how to clean bathroom sink drains.

· Bathroom floors can carry disease-causing germs. Therefore, don’t neglect them even if they look clean. Not sure how to clean bathroom tiles? You can either use bleach or a mixture of vinegar, dish soap and water.

· Avoid using vinegar on granite countertops since it is acidic and will wear away the seal.

· Always take a minute or two to fold bathroom towels and air out the shower curtain. It’s the little things that make a bathroom sightly.

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