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Sick of boring hotel rooms and complicated time-shares? Had your holiday ruined by noisy parties of tourists down the corridor? Discovered that your time-share allows you just one week during the dead off-season? You need to try the villa holiday option. They’re a great alternative to the conventional hotel, especially if you’re travelling with a large group of friends or family. This is villas in bangalore where a villa holiday scores.

Villa holidays or vacation rentals as they’re known in the US have been around for a while but are now getting to be very popular. What is a villa rental? They are privately owned properties located in countryside, towns, sea-sides or mountainous/hilly areas which are available for rent over a specified time period. They are usually fully furnished, with all modern conveniences and appliances, with telephone, TV and internet facilities.

Most of them are self-catering but there are some with house-keeping services offered as add-ons. Why choose a villa holiday? They give a home-like feel to your holiday. Being non-standard, expect unique decor, facilities and comforts, unlike run-of-the-mill hotel rooms. There’s a huge range: anything from tiny attic studios to luxury properties and everything in between. Many villas offer cooking or art classes, baby-sitting, guided tours to nearby attractions, 24-hour check-in, in-house medical facilities etc.

Another plus is that you can cook and eat the kind of food you like or catering may be included. Travelling with babies, children and senior citizens means you have special food, resting, entertainment requirements, plus flexibility. Plus Points:

1. Great flexibility

2. Good rates and prices compared to a hotel: since you’re able to negotiate directly with the owner.

3. Great for larger groups

4. Cheaper food costs: if self-catering.

5. Convenient when you have kids/seniors in group.

6. Benefits the local economy.

7. Privacy/relaxation.

8. Unique local flavor.

9. Optional add-ons like private beach, pool, garden, farm.

10. Optional cultural/historical tours, classes, visit to unique local restaurants, tourist sites.

Minus Points:

1. Credibility: You’re not dealing with a known name or group.

2. Frauds, Scams: Likelihood of being the victim of a con.

3. Misrepresentation: Photos and reviews may be misleading.

4. Difficult to locate: Needs time and effort to find a suitable one.

5. Transport: Out-of-the-way locations, bad roads, no public transport.

6. Rates/Facilities non-standard.

7. May insist on minimum period.

8. Hidden costs: Charges for electricity, fuel, heating, cleaning, parking, pool-cleaning etc.

9. Hygiene/cleanliness: May not be adequate.

10. Medical facilities: problems in case of emergencies. A villa holiday is a great option. Keep the above tips in mind when you choose to go on one.