Types of Roof Shingle Damage in Grand Rapids Michigan You Should Be Aware Of

Types of Roof Shingle Damage in Grand Rapids Michigan You Should Be Aware Of

Roof damage can occur at any time on your home. There are always threats that can happen and cause roof shingle damage. These damages can usually be small and repaired quickly however, they may be difficult to discover especially if they are small and don’t cause a large roof leak on your home. Most times the roof shingle damage in Grand Rapids Michigan can easily be seen during routine inspections from the ground level. Here are some of the problems that may cause a roof leak on your home and what you should look for when inspecting your roof.

Types of Roof Shingle Damage in Grand Rapids Michigan You Should Be Aware Of

The biggest threat to your home’s roof is weather. Weather can cause a lot of damage to your home’s roof quickly and it’s usually followed by a leaking roof. In order to get repairs done quickly it’s important to know that your roof has a problem and the best way to do that is by inspecting the roof regularly and after severe storms that come through the Grand Rapids Michigan area. You will not need to go on your home’s roof to inspect it. You can inspect the roof from the ground level and look for signs of problems. Typically you may see broken or missing shingles from the roof which indicate that there is a problem and you get a roofing contractor out to repair the shingles.

Roof Shingle Damage Grand Rapids Michigan

Not all problems are caused by weather however. Many times weather only exaggerates the other problems that may be present with the shingles on your home. Here are some other problems that can be occurring on your home’s roof which can lead to a roof leak. As mentioned, these problems become more and more significant if the weather is bad. They can also make your roof more easily damaged during severe weather.

Curling Shingles

As the roofing shingles on your home get older they will start to break down. Most roofing shingles are designed to last for 15 to 25 years and are good for that amount of time. Once the shingles get older and they start to break down they become less rigid and bend more. The shingles will also start to lose the seal with the shingles below them. This process usually means the shingles edges will start to peel away from the roof causing a curling effect. Typically you’ll see this once the shingles have past their warranty period and begin to break down. While this may not immediately cause a roof leak it will leave the roof much more susceptible to damage during storms. If you have curling shingles on your home the best option is likely to get a roof replacement done.

Broken Shingles

Storms can damage shingles and the way they usually do that is by wind lifting the shingles away from the roof and breaking them. Sometimes these shingles fall back down into place and sometimes they are scattered all about the yard or roof. If you notice any broken shingles or spaces on your roof that looks as if the shingles are missing then it’s best to call for roof repair on your home. There is underlayment present on most homes which can protect it for a short time from a roof leak but with missing shingles it will almost always end up as a roof leak.

Granule Loss

Another problem that can occur with the shingles which can lead to roof damage is granule loss. This type of damage usually occurs over time and the main reason is something that comes in contact with the roof. Trees are the most common problem. As branches come in contact with the roof and the wind blows it effectively sweeps the granules from the shingles. Many times you’ll notice these granules in gutters and where downspouts drain. Other problems can include wildlife which walk regularly across specific areas of the roof. In either case, remove any item that contacts the roof to prevent damages.

Improper Installation

If the roof was not properly installed to begin with it will likely fail much faster than it should. In order to make sure your roof lasts it’s best to use a licensed and qualified roofing contractor such as Grand Rapids Home Pros. We can repair or replace your roof quickly and ensure it lasts a long time with our industry leading guarantee. Contact us today for more details and get a free quote.

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