Top Features to Look for in Steam Generating Irons for Effortless Ironing

Irons expert buying guide: How to buy the best iron for you

A Guide To Buy The Best Steam Generating Irons For Crease-Free Look

Ironed clothes always make a perfect impression. Irons are available in two variants – dry and steam iron. Compared to dry irons, steam generation irons have advanced features for a flawless finish in ironing and come with a higher price tag. 

What Is A Steam Iron? 

A steam iron comes with a small water tank attachment. This water produces steam by a feature of the steam iron. 

A regular iron will convert electrical energy into heat and press the clothes. With a steam iron, the clothes are moistened by heat pressing. It gives a softer natural finish with an impeccable crease-free look. 

Top Features To Check Before You Buy A Steam Iron 

When you purchase steam generation irons, look for a few advanced features.  

Here are some of the top features in steam irons you can look for. 

  • You must buy steam irons with a high steam output between 120 g per minute to 160 g per minute. It is an ideal steam generation setting for ironing clothes. 
  • Check out the tank capacity to hold water for steam generation. A large tank will ensure a longer duration of steam ironing in one go. 
  • Look for features like a steam shot. It helps to remove creases and folds that are often difficult to remove while ironing. 
  • A good quality steam iron will give you several heat controls to adjust according to the material. 
  • You must check the wattage of the steam iron and ensure its capacity to withstand high-heat ironing for longer durations. 
  • Does the steam iron have anti-scale and anti-calcium formation features? Most advanced steam iron do. It will prevent the formation of limescale and calcium deposits in the iron’s steam vents. 
  • You should check the cord length of the steam iron. Is it long enough for convenient ironing? The quality of the cord will be significant. 
  • The plate of the steam iron is another critical area. It should ideally be a scratch-resistant plate made from stainless steel or ceramic. Moving the iron on the clothes will be easy and smooth. 

The steam iron promises convenience and does come at a higher price range. However, if you compare some of the best brands, there will be one to fit the budget perfectly. 


Steam ironing is a comforting experience when you watch the iron glide down the clothes and furnishings and smoothen away all creases. Here are some of the benefits of steam ironing. 

  • It gives a smooth and flawless crease-free look to your clothes. 
  • Smoothing out the creases will no longer require a lot of effort and force. Steam does that for you. 
  • The advanced features of the steam iron save time when you comfortably finish ironing the laundry in less time than with a dry iron. 
  • With advanced heat controls and steam-moistening effects, clothes will have a better look and longevity. 

Steam irons bring convenience and quality ironing to your homes. 

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