The Best Way to Store Wine at Home

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Is the best way to store wine at home to simply lay a bottle on its side on a shelf? For wine lovers, it’s more than that. Wine storage requires precise conditions. For centuries, the closest conditions to perfect were found in old-world caves (or grottos), what Technicureans™ know as Wine Cave Technology™. 

You see, there are four elements that can affect the quality of the wine: light, movement, variations in temperature, and fluctuating humidity. Wine caves offered cool, consistent temperatures, low light, and no movement or vibrations to disturb the wine.  Whether natural or man-made, a cave is still a great solution if you have the space, if not, here’s another solution.

Protecting Your Wine with Wine Cave Technology™

SKS 24" wine refrigerator column

The 24″ integrated Wine Column holds 113 bottles of wine. It offers three separate zones for temperature control.

Through state-of-the-art technology and innovation, SKS has developed Wine Cave Technology™. It mimics the ideal environment of old-world caves, but beyond the technological advancements, SKS has developed a beautiful line of luxury columns and wine refrigerators. 

Display Lighting by the Touch

SKS 18" wine refrigerator column

The 18″ integrated  Column Wine Refrigerator features room for 71 bottles in two temperature zones plus dual evaporators to maintain steady, moderate humidity levels.

Wine Cave Technology™ incorporates dark opaque glass doors, triple-paned to protect wines from damaging UV light. Touch Display Lighting allows you to use light only when you need it. LED lighting is activated with a gentle tap on the glass to showcase your collection. That’s Smart lighting!

Wine Cave Technology™ Offers High-tech Solutions for Minimum Vibration

SKS Wine refrigerator low vibrations

Vibration control is extremely important when preserving wines. To achieve this, Wine Cave Technology™ mimics the environmental conditions of old-world caves.

To minimize vibrations, Wine Cave Technology™ uses the inverter linear compressor combined with a metal interior to minimize the vibration to less than 2 Gal, (Gal is one centimetre per second, squared).

 As a result, laboratory testing verifies the SKS wine columns have 45 percent lower vibration in the Signature Kitchen Suite models compared with other wine columns on the market. 

The compressor and metal interior also stabilize temperature fluctuations, keeping wine collections cool and still, while multiple evaporators maintain steady moderate humidity to help preserve quality and taste.

Keep Your Wine Collection in the Right Zone

SKS wine refrigerator temperature control

The temperature zones can be set independently depending on the wine you choose to store.

Independent temperature zones (three in the 24-inch model and two in the 18-inch model) keep red, white, and sparkling wines at the right temperature.  The zones can be set between 41- and 64-degrees Fahrenheit to ensure ideal conditions for any wine, so precise temperature controls ensure the lowest temperature fluctuations.

Your Smart Phone May Be Your Wine Collection’s New Best Friend

SKS Signature Sommelier app

The Signature Sommelier™ app. and Wi-Fi Connectivity allow you to keep track of your collection. It can even offer wine pairing suggestions!

 Signature Kitchen Suite’s proprietary app and Wi-Fi Connectivitywill help wine collectors manage their personal wine collections. Scan images of your wine labels, note shelf placement, and the app. does the rest. Powered by Wine Ring’s patented machine learning, this mobile app is the first smart software that learns preferences and makes recommendations.  

Your Wine Fridge Should Have Great Design

SKS 18" integrated wine refrigerator column

Integrated with your other appliances Signature Kitchen Suite’s wine column is a beautiful, luxury option.

Every column features TrueFit™ Integrated Design. Beautifully engineered, the symmetrical design allows for proud or flush installation along with easy door reversal. Doors can be customized with field-installed decorative panels or stainless-steel panels.

Now instead of burying our wine, the best way to store wine at home is wherever you want to display it! If you want to take the cave above ground and bring it home, I suggest you look into Signature Kitchen Suite column wine refrigeration. Learn more.

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