Freeing up space and organizing closets, drawers and other cluttered rooms and spaces can sometimes be so overwhelming, especially in today’s busy world. Even if you’re able to put in the extra effort it takes to clean your home, spaces that are disorganized rarely feel clean. And it’s no secret that a more organized home improves the wellbeing of everyone who lives there. That’s why organizing tips, ideas, inspirations, and stories are among Good Housekeeping’s most popular, and with that in mind, we set out to find the best, most useful, most innovative, and most well-designed organizing products, tools and devices.

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How We Tested

To select these 34 top-performing products for our first Good Housekeeping Storage Awards, our experts sorted, stacked and sifted through over 140 submissions from the world of organizing products to assess performance, durability, flexibility, versatility, ease of use, aesthetics, size and other criteria. We looked at organizers both big and small — for closets, garages, home office, kids’ supplies and artwork, shoes and accessories, photos, travel, kitchen supplies and food storage and beyond. With over 60 combined years of testing experience in the Good Housekeeping Institute and organizing know-how, you can trust that we can spot a great organizer when we see it!

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