Tasteful Holiday Décor

How to complement your holiday décor to existing décor in your home.

If there’s one time of the year when you naturally want to decorate, it has to be the winter holiday season. And with good reason: this is such a festive time of year! Holiday decorating in general brings a sense of cheer, happiness, and family – all things that are great accents to your home.

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The goal in holiday decorating is to strike the perfect balance between too much and not enough and fortunately, it’s not too hard to tastefully decorate your home for the holidays.

My first suggestion is to take a quick mental inventory of the holiday decorations you already own – where do they naturally fit into your home, what color are they, even their condition and age. This is the point where older, dated or worn decorations can be thoughtfully replaced to add in new color, new trends or elements that you admire.

Christmas Decorations

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Have you added any new furniture, rearranged the flow of your home or redecorated since last year? These are all great reasons to refresh your holiday decorating inventory with a few new pieces.

A great way to keep your holiday décor cohesive is to stick with one or two accent colors. These can be traditionally holiday – think red and green or blue and gold – or for a sophisticated take, use two colors or hues from the same color family.


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Next, think about where you can add decorative touches throughout the home. Do you have a mantel, flat surface or shelving that naturally lends itself to a small display? We often think of Christmas trees as a place to display ornaments, but open shelving are great for creating a small display of beloved ornaments on individual hangers, nestled in a crystal or metallic bowl or securely nestled into a swag of pine.

Christmas Bells

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While Christmas trees, creches, or menorahs typically earn the spot of honor in a home during the holidays, do you have any additional nooks for larger decorations? If so, think about adding additional focal points: A display of festively scented candles or an oversized glowing candlelit lantern. These spots allow you to play with scale – think larger rather than smaller.

Holiday tree display

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Since the holidays are often a time for friends and family, don’t forget the entry way, where there are lots of options for setting the tone. From a simple, elegant wreath hung on the door to a swag overhead, even festively decorated pots, will add a welcoming touch.

Holiday decor Entry way

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Adding subtle lighting, both to exterior displays and indoors, can have an immediate wow effect. The days of bulky, thick-corded lights are gone now that LED lights and battery-powered microlights are readily available. During the winter months, our eyes are immediately drawn to light, especially during our long nights. These can be added in a multitude of ways. To quickly accent existing décor, simply wind a string or two around existing design elements. Illuminate holiday pieces easily with small sections of battery powered lights.

Christmas Tree

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Don’t be afraid to layer decorative items into your home for the holidays. It’s not necessary to remove existing décor from a room to add seasonal accents. This creates depth and interest, and helps integrate a holiday feel naturally into an environment rather than making seasonal accents looked staged and stiff.

Christmas Decor

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Finally, when you’ve finished, don’t forget the most important tip: take a few moments to sit back, relax with a cup of tea or glass of wine, and enjoy the beautiful environment you’ve created.

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