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Restored Keepsake Box - Artsy Chicks Rule®

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Restored keepsake box to store all kinds of goodies! Easy with paint, transfers, and fabric!

Hello, and happy Trash to Treasure Transformation Tuesday, beautiful friends!

I hope you are having an amazing fall so far. Wow, is it not just flying right on by?! It sure feels like it.
I’m sharing a super cute little makeover today and I’m gonna say I was a little “extra” on this one. Haha
I could’ve painted and done! But like I said, I got a little extra. You’ll see. 😉

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Restored Keepsake Box

brown keepsake box with white tiles on top

You know me and my box makeovers, right? I’m a sucker for a box.
I have made over SO many here on the blog. I need to do a round-up of them all soon.
Kind of get them all in one place so we can do a little revisit on them.

But today, let’s talk about this little $4 cutie.
I loved the wood detail on the top which made it different. I also loved the fact that it had tile as that gave a little different touch too.

Here’s the inside…

red velvet interior of keepsake box

And yes, it is indeed already being painted blue because oops, I forgot to photograph it before I started painting.

As you can see I used blue paint. Here are all the things I used:


  1. SAND

The finish was a bit shiny so I lightly sanded the whole thing so the paint would grip better.


Next, I painted with the Champness. 2 Coats.

blue painted keepsake box on counter

Great color but “eh” with all the fun wood design on top. Am I right? Yes, I am and I’m gonna fix it. 😉


While I waited for the paint to dry in between coats, etc., I brushed some Ultra Grip onto the tiles.
They are slick and I wanted to make sure the paint would grip well.


Now for the fun part.

blue sideview of box on counter

As I mentioned, pretty color but I wanted to make it pop.

I added a darker shade of blue (Seaside, I adore this color) to add a little depth.

adding darker blue to the lighter blue paint on the side

I dipped a small artist’s brush in the paint, wiped most away, and then applied just around the edges.

Then I took a rag (old sheet) dipped in water (not dripping, just damp), and wiped the paint around the edges, leaving the middle mostly light.

wiping the dark blue paint to blend

If too much paint came off, I simply added a little more and blended again.

This is similar to what I did on our coffee bar dresser. You can see that project, right here.

Let me preface this before I go on. I had a terrible time trying to pick up on camera what I was seeing in person.
The picture below shows the top after I’ve added the darker blue. You might be able to tell how the inset areas are lighter.

top of box where tiles are painted white


You can also see above how I painted the tile. I used “Casement” and it took several coats.

blue painted box with wood decor on top and white tiles

I didn’t love the middle space so caulked it.

Once that was dry, I painted over it to make sure it matched.

blue box with white tiles and blue floral transfer

Then I applied this pretty blue floral transfer. I used a transfer tool to transfer it to the keepsake box.

tool using to apply transfer to box

I used this same transfer on nesting tables recently. You can see it here.


small jar of gold paint

I decided to go one step further and give it a bit of dry brushing with this pretty gold paint.

blue box with gold dry brushed onto it with blue floral on tiles

Yes, that’s it. It’s subtle but shimmers nicely. (pictures are hard to capture)

up close shot of blue side of box with slight gold hue

Can you see it?

up close of top wood detail with hint of gold

Want to know more about dry brushing?? Check out this post here: How To Dry Brush


penning fabric to get ready for cutting

I measured and cut out the fabric to be just a tad too large. Then I turned it backward and drew a line where the edge was.
Next, I cut it on my cutting mat (it’s great because it makes a perfectly straight cut…you can get it here)

cutting mat cutting fabric

Then simply used Decoupage Gel to attach it to the inside. (I didn’t bother removing the old)

applying transfer gel for fabric

inside of box with fabric

8. POLY TOPCOAT (on the tile and transfer area)

I finished up by applying a coat of poly over the transfer/tile area.

front view of blue box finished

Love the depth the darker blue adds. (see it on the side?) And the “extra” the gold adds too.
Can you see it a little better in this shot??

blue box with blue flower on top on white table

I went back and forth on whether I wanted to do “two tiles”, with images on each. But I’m glad I went with this look instead.
I like how it centers the piece. The two images on the original were odd to me.

I think this looks so much better.

top view of blue flower on white tiles

I also considered leaving a tiny gap between the flower where the “grout” would be.
But I also decided against that too!

And I’m glad about that too. lol whew!

top view of blue box with white tiles and blue flower

box open with new fabric on white table

The fabric was just something I had in my stash…and it was blue so in it went!

inside of box lined with new fabric on white table

top view of blue box with blue flower on white table

You can really see the darker blue on the front of the keepsake box above.

front view of blue box

Perfect little box for keeping things. Restored, restyled, and ready to be reloved!

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Restored keepsake box to store all kinds of goodies! Easy with paint, transfers and fabric!

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Restored keepsake box to store all kinds of goodies! Easy with paint, transfers and fabric!

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I hope you enjoyed the makeovers today! I’ll see you right back here on Thursday.
Have a wonderful week!

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