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Many people believe that having a small or narrow bathroom means that there isn’t much that you can do to make it look clean and fresh. Thankfully, this can’t be farther from the truth. If you’re someone who is looking to redo your bathroom, but you have one that is narrower than you’d have preferred, there are still plenty of design ideas in 2020 that can be implemented to make it look stunning and spacious.

We have compiled a list of some of our favorite ideas for 2020 that you will be sure to enjoy with your family in your new and updated bathroom.

Narrow Bathroom Designs

Long Narrow Bathroom Ideas

Having a long, narrow bathroom doesn’t mean that you have to be limited in what you can do with it.

Put the shower at the end of the bathroom.

Some people try to squeeze a shower somewhere along the side of a long and narrow bathroom, but we suggest that you put the shower at the end of the bathroom. This will give you more room and, if you opt for a shower room, there is so much that you will be able to do with it. You can add all the gadgets and gizmos you want to your shower to make it the focal point of your bathroom.

Get a wall-mounted toilet.

More and more homeowners with narrow bathrooms have started replacing their clunkier toilets with a streamlined wall-mounted toilet. These look much more modern and innovative, and best of all, they take up less space, which is necessary for a narrow bathroom. It’s easier for you to clean these toilets and get around them, too, which can make all the difference in a little bathroom.

Small Narrow Bathroom Ideas

Very narrow bathroom ideas might be hard to come by. But luckily, there are still some ideas that you can implement in your bathroom to make a small and narrow bathroom come to life.

Lots of lighting

Having a well-lit bathroom is key to making your bathroom look larger. If your bathroom does not have windows or skylights, this might be an issue. However, you can add plenty of recessed lights and lights around the mirror to provide you with all the lighting you need. A well-lit and bright space is bound to look more spacious, no matter how small it is.

Include plants

Some people might not be too keen on the idea of including house plants in their bathrooms. The truth is, however, these plants can make your bathroom look bigger and more lively. But, of course, you don’t have to get massive plants; small, potted plants on the windowsill, for example, can make all of the difference.

Have a transparent shower curtain

If you already have a narrow bathroom, you won’t want to include any design features to make your bathroom look even smaller. That consists of an opaque shower curtain. Although you might not think that this will have much of an impact, being able to see into your shower is a great way to add the illusion of more space in a narrow bathroom. Just make sure that the door is locked when you’re showering!

Narrow Master Bathroom Ideas

Narrow Bathroom

Ideally, you would want a large and luxurious master bathroom, but that isn’t always the case. However, if your master bathroom is also narrow, there is still a lot that you will be able to do with it.

For example, you can choose one spot to be the focal point of the bathroom. What is something that matters a lot to you? Do you want to have a luxurious shower room? Perhaps you want modern toilets that also feature a bidet or heated seat. Other people opt for more modern-looking vanities and sinks, such as oval-shaped basins, which give a whole new appearance to the bathroom.

Since this is your master bathroom, you can go all out and implement a unique design pattern that you might not have considered before. It might also be good to include a fun wallpaper design on one of the walls and paint the rest bright colors to make the narrow bathroom look much bigger.

Many people also like to install large mirrors and plenty of light fixtures into small master baths to give the illusion of more space. And, finally, if you have windows in the master bathroom, it’s a good idea to make the most of them. You can install plants and airy curtains.

Narrow Half Bathroom Ideas

Half bathrooms are notoriously small spaces, to begin with, but the options for what you can do with them are endless, especially since there is some free space due to the lack of a shower.

Fun wallpaper designs

Many people prefer to be bolder in their half bathroom, so this is an excellent reason to go all out and try a fun wallpaper design that you might not have the courage to try elsewhere. Having one wall feature the fun design is a great way to make the half bathroom pop.

Bright colors

We all know that introducing light colors in a small space is the way to make it look airy and spacious. So why not do the same in your half bathroom? Remember, your options aren’t simply limited to white and cream. You could try to do some pastel colors, too, for example.

Small cabinet

Although the half bathroom might not be where you will store all your necessities, it is essential to include some storage for toilet paper, towels, and more. You can do this by installing a small cabinet vanity under the sink or purchasing a separate small cabinet in the design that you prefer.


We’ve said before that plants are a great way to add the illusion of space in a narrow bathroom. You can put some plants on the windowsill to give your bathroom an earthy vibe. They don’t necessarily have to be big plants. You can get creative and include any houseplants that you prefer in this space.

Unique fixture

One of the best design ideas is to incorporate one fixture that stands out from the rest. It’s up to you to decide what this is. Maybe you want to add some cool wallpaper, a unique storage set, or a modern sink. Whatever you choose, it’s a great idea to be a bit bolder and more daring in your half bathroom with this fixture. Then, decorate everything in accordance with the fixture.

Narrow Bathroom Storage Ideas

Narrow Bathroom Storage Ideas

Having a narrow bathroom means that you might not have as much potential for including storage space as you would have preferred. That means you will need to maximize every square inch of the bathroom. This includes countertops, mirrors, stools, and even windows. However, there are several ways in which you can add some storage to your narrow bathroom.

Small vanity

Just because you have a narrow bathroom doesn’t mean that you can’t have a vanity. Depending on the size of your bathroom, it may need to be a little smaller than expected, but you should be able to find a smaller and slimmer vanity to accommodate a narrow bathroom.

You will be able to customize the drawers depending on how much space you need. It is an excellent way for you to keep your belongings hidden and out of sight. In addition, you can get an open vanity, which has open shelves, and you can store your belongings in baskets to prevent the bathroom from looking too cluttered. Or, you can have a floating vanity to give your narrow bathroom the illusion of having more space.

Medicine cabinet

Maximizing the space offered by your mirror is another great way to add some storage space to your narrow bathroom while also keeping your belongings hidden to decrease the appearance of clutter. Getting a large mirror can also offset the small size of your bathroom, and the ample amount of storage space behind it makes things even better.

Floating shelves

If you don’t think that any of these other options would work well for the layout of your bathroom, floating shelves are certainly a way to go. Maximizing wall space is an excellent way for you to get additional storage space. Some people prefer to put these floating shelves above their toilets, but you can install them anywhere else. Home-improvement sites are full of different options to choose from, and best of all, they are easy to install on your own.

How Will You Finish Your Narrow Bathroom?

Just because you have a narrow bathroom to work with doesn’t mean that your options must be limited. You can virtually do everything with a narrow bathroom that you can with a regular bathroom. Take the nuances of the design layout into consideration as you plan out your bathroom. Making the most out of every square inch of space and giving your narrow bathroom the illusion of spaciousness is a great way to have an updated and stunning new bathroom.

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