How to Decorate The Old Sofa in your Living Room

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Do not worry if your sofa has become old. You do not necessarily have to invest in a new one. There are plenty of techniques you can use for updating the look of your sofa. While some are easy and quick, others are a little more complex and permanent. You can choose any option you want. Although the sofa will not appear as good as a new one after the update, it will surely cost you a lot less than buying one. You just need to put in some thought and effort to decorate it. If you are not sure about how to update the old sofa in your living room design, here are a few options you can take inspiration from:

01 of 06 Get rid of the slump 

If your sofa design is appearing old and worn out, chances are that it is because of the saggy cushions. They can hugely influence the look of your sofa. Once they start appearing old, the overall appearance of the sofa will get dull. This does not necessarily mean that you need a new sofa for your living room design. There are other economical solutions to deal with this problem. For instance, unzipping the covers and filling the cushions with polyester fibre can help to get back the fluffy look of the cushions. Also, consider getting a quilt batting around the seat cushions. This will allow you to add some oomph. 

02 of 06 Consider opting for a new back 

Instead of getting rid of your old sofa, consider getting rid of the old back of the sofa. You can always get new large cushions to replace the old ones but opting for coordinating throw pillows will do the trick as well. Just make sure that they are big enough to fill the space completely while purchasing. As a result, your sofa design will have a completely new appearance. Also, you will have the complete freedom of swapping the throw pillow with new ones whenever you want. 

03 of 06 Put trim on the sofa with nails 

Adding trim to your sofa can instantly add more visual interest to it. Instead of replacing your old sofa, consider putting trim with nails. This may not sound very prudent but it is actually quite effective. However, do not go for the regular nails that appear hideous and small. Look for the designer ones that come with larger tops and in many different colours and designs. Nail them along the edges of your sofa to create an attractive and expensive-looking sofa. If you try to nail one at a time, it will take up a lot of time and effort. Consider getting long strips available in many stores. Using them will allow you to complete the task faster. 

04 of 06 Show off the sofa legs

There are many different types of sofa legs. However, they are hardly visible and people do not pay much attention to them. This does not mean that they do not have any effect on the overall look of your sofa and the living room design. Hence, you should consider getting rid of the sofa skirt at the bottom and show off those legs. It will give your sofa a neat and minimalist feel as well. 

05 of 06 Replace the old legs

As mentioned earlier, displaying the sofa legs is a brilliant way to give a brand new look. However, you may feel that the legs are boring and do not match the rest of the home interior design idea. In such cases, you can just replace the old legs with new ones. The task is not as difficult as it sounds. You just have to turn the sofa over, remove the old legs, and install the new ones in their places. However, there are other techniques to replace the look of your old sofa legs without actually replacing them. For instance, you can just paint the old legs any colour of your choice. Just make sure that it looks good with the rest of your sofa design.  

06 of 06 Wrap cushions with fabric

Want to upgrade the old sofa in your home interior design idea but do want to put in a lot of effort? This might be the perfect solution for you. You just have to wrap your old cushions with a piece of fabric. Instead of sewing the fabric like regular covers, you just tuck the excess so that it stays in its place. If you feel that you need a new cover for not just the cushions but the sofa as well, you can just get a large sheet and place it over your sofa. This will be much simpler than wrapping cushions. 

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