How to Care for Christmas Cactus Indoors

christmas cactus care

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Christmas cacti bloom just in time for the holiday seasons (that’s why their title), and they’re rather spectacular way too. The hanging branches, which are designed up of flat, glossy green segments, can develop to up to 3 feet lengthy. Flowers in purple, white, yellow, pink, or purple show up at the guidelines of these branches and measure up to 3 inches lengthy with quite a few tiers of petals. Each bloom lasts for quite a few times, and the total flowering period of time of most cultivars will span quite a few months. But in order to continue to keep these vegetation looking beautiful, you need to have to observe all the ways concerned with right Christmas cactus treatment.

There are selected aspects that can enable — or hinder — your Christmas cactus’s possible. For illustration, this Brazilian coastal plant (which is also known as Schlumbergera) favors extra humid situations than desert-dwelling species do. Plus, it demands extended durations of darkness ahead of it can commence flowering.

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So, with that claimed, here’s how to be certain this festive plant retains brightening up your home 12 months following 12 months.

What You will Need

Right before you get begun, stock up on these Christmas cactus treatment necessities.

How to Care for Christmas Cacti

A deficiency of h2o and remarkable temperature swings can result in flower buds to drop extra swiftly. Increase your specimen’s blooming period of time by shelling out focus to these six crucial aspects:

  • Soil: Use a quality soil loaded in humus and other nutrients.
  • Temperature: Retain an exceptional local weather of sixty five levels.
  • Watering: Maintain the soil evenly moist even though your plant is blooming, misting it commonly.
  • Mild: Place the cactus in an east-experiencing window for average light-weight and some immediate sun.
  • Fertilization: Utilize a higher-potassium fertilizer every single two months after buds sort.
  • Transplantation: Repot your cactus each individual 12 months following flowering.
    christmas cactus care

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    How to Stimulate More Blooming

    Maintain vegetation interesting (all around fifty levels) following their blooming period of time. Water them to continue to keep the soil just hardly moist, and be guaranteed to withhold fertilizer. When new development commences, use the following system to encourage blooming: Dwelling the vegetation in an surroundings with a temperature between fifty five and sixty five levels, and alternate between offering them 10 hours of light-weight and fourteen hours of whole darkness for 4 to six months following the development seems. When buds show up, introduce the plant to warmer temperatures and commence standard tradition, as explained higher than. Vegetation should really bloom in about six months.

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