How Interior Wall Painting Can Protect You from Diseases

Planning to spruce up your apartment in 2022? It’s no secret that the quickest way to revamp your home is to paint it. Painting your home won’t just elevate the aesthetics of your home but will also positively affect your health and keep you away from diseases. 

Wondering how choosing the right interior wall paint can save you the hassle of visiting your doctor? Read along to find out for yourself how painting your walls will protect you from diseases and help your transform your home into your own sanctuary in the true sense. 

Clutter-free and clean space 

One of the first things that homeowners do when they decide to paint their space is to declutter and get rid of furniture pieces and other décor elements that they don’t want anymore. Often people deep clean their homes, scrub their walls and floors before they paint their homes. This helps in getting rid of the moulds and mildews on the walls, which have the potential of causing serious respiratory ailments if left untreated. 

Choosing the right paint 

You must do your homework and choose an eco-friendly paint that emits low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Many modern paints are anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-microbial, making it easy for you to select a nontoxic paint for your home. It is recommended that you choose water-based paints whenever possible over oil-based paints as they emit less toxic fumes.
Another thing to avoid doing at all costs is to use exterior paints for the interior of your home as they contain a higher level of VOC. People who have kids must ensure that they use eco-friendly paint throughout their home, especially for their kid’s room. Remember to check the quantity of lead in your interior wall paints and buy one that has a low level of lead. 

Choose the right hue 

The colour palette that you introduce to your space significantly affects your mood and health. Hence, you must choose fresh colours that will instantly make a space look light, fun and energetic. Some popular colours that will help you create a good vibe in your home are yellow, green, blue and warm neutrals. 

Before & After painting care 

Make sure that your room is well ventilated before you start painting it. You must wear protective gears, especially if you are using oil-based interior paints for your home. If possible, it is advised that you vacate your home for 2-3 days until your paint cures completely. 

Why must you choose the Asian Paints Safe painting service? 

If you are looking for a credible painting service which follows all the necessary safety protocols and maintains hygiene and sanitization while painting your home, then you must choose Asian Paints. The folks at Asian Paints have a wide range of eco-friendly paints that don’t contain carcinogens, mutagens or reproductive toxins. 

Invest in Asian Paints’ Royale Health Shield Luxury Emulsion if you are looking for a safe interior paint that will provide your family and you with a safe abode. It is an antibacterial indoor paint that is formulated with Silver Ion Technology. This paint kills 99% of bacteria on the wall surfaces that cause infection. This ecofriendly paint also reduces indoor pollution and improves indoor air quality. 

So, when are you planning to paint your home and create a clean and safe home environment for yourself and your family? Browse through the wide selection of contemporary anti-bacterial interior paints available on Asian Paints. You can also get in touch with the professionals at Asian Paints to choose the best paint for your new home keeping in mind your taste, lifestyle and budget.