Here’s All You Need to Know Before You Work with Enamel Paint

What Is Enamel Paint and When Should You Use It?

Enamel paints resemble fingernail polish in many ways. Enamel paints are nothing but a type of paint that dries to a hard, glass-like shell. They are often used on top of your appliances to give them a glossy and protective layer. 

Clueless about enamel painting. Read along to know more about enamel painting and tips and hacks on how to use them the right way. 

Benefits of using enamel paint 

Considering using enamel paints for your home interior walls? Here are a few benefits of using enamel paints in your home

Perfect for high traffic areas 

Your doors, windows, trims and kitchen cabinet doors see high traffic and hence they are more prone to paint chips. However, you can now prevent this by using enamel paints for high-traffic areas around the house. The sturdy and durable finish of enamel paints will ensure that they last you for many years. 

Easy to wash 

Looking for paint for your interior walls that are easy to wash and clean? Enamel paints are highly glossy. This means that they are easy to clean if stained. Enamel paints are thus perfect for the living room and dining room as they are highly washable and stain resistant. 

Where you can use enamel paint 

Enamel paint can be used in situations where you need a paint that is highly durable or sturdy or one that gives you a highly glossy finish. Typically, enamel paints are used to paint doors, trims, cabinets, floors, kitchen appliances and decks. Here are a few popular ways in which you can use enamel paints in your house. 

Outdoor barbeque grills

Does your outdoor barbeque grill need a revamp? If you are looking for weather-resistant paint to paint your barbeque grill, then look no further than enamel paint. Make sure that you pick a heat-resistant enamel paint for your barbeque grill. We recommend you thoroughly clean your barbeque grill before you paint it with enamel paint to increase its shelf life. 

Patio furniture 

Spray enamel paints are perfect for reviving your outdoor furniture. You can now pick enamel paints in vibrant colours and increase your curb appeal by painting your outdoor furniture with enamel spray paints. Make sure that you thoroughly clean your outdoor furniture and get rid of rust and debris before you paint them. Asian Paints Interior Emulsion are perfect if you are looking for paint to revamp your patio furniture this season. 

Kitchen appliances 

Has the paint on your oven or refrigerator been chipped? That is where enamel paints come into the picture. Liquid enamel paints are perfect for reviving old kitchen appliances and making them look shiny and new as ever. 

What to keep in mind while using enamel paint?

You must remember that enamel paints contain a high level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), making them hazardous if not used with care. 

Here are a few things you must keep in mind while using enamel paints. 

  • Make sure that the room is well-ventilated so that the toxic fumes from the enamel paint don’t get trapped indoors. 
  • Make sure that you are wearing your protective gear like goggles, painting overalls and a painter’s respirator to prevent the toxic fumes from the paint to linger on your skin after you are done with your painting project. 
  • It is advised to hire professional painters if you are sceptical of using enamel paint on your own as the professionals would follow all the safety protocols required while painting your home. 

Due to its high sheen and durability, enamel paints are generally on the expensive side as compared to matte finish or satin finish paints. However, keep in mind that they will last you for many years and are cost-effective in the long run. 

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