Designing a kid’s wardrobe is different from designing an adult’s wardrobe. Although it may seem easy, you will have to plan it carefully as kids have many different items like clothes, toys, games, etc. Hence, sufficient storage space is required. Moreover, kids are quite careless and get hurt easily. You will have to ensure that there are no sharp edges or corners for their safety. However, the most important factor that parents forget is that kids grow fast, which is why choosing a small wardrobe design that can be used by their kids when they grow up is essential. If you are not sure about how to create the perfect wardrobe design for your kids, here are a few wardrobe design ideas:

01 of 05 Go for bright neutral colours

Bright colours are the best options for a kid’s wardrobe. However, this does not mean you will always have to stick to colours like yellow and orange. This is because your kid will outgrow these colours in a few years and you will have to repaint it again. Instead, you should choose colours that can be used by kids of all ages. White, beige, pink, grey, aqua, and blue are a few great options. A few pops of bright colours in some areas will look great on a kid’s wardrobe as well. 

Installing a chalkboard on the wardrobe door is a good option also. This wardrobe design idea will give your kids the opportunity to explore their creative side. 

02 of 05 Choose floor-to-ceiling wardrobes for small bedrooms

Do not install a large wardrobe in your children’s bedroom design if it is small. It will occupy too much floor space and make it appear congested. You should consider making use of vertical space instead. This will allow you to create extra storage space in the room without making it appear small. Floor-to-ceiling wardrobe designs are very popular in small bedrooms. They allow you to store plenty of items in the wardrobe without occupying a lot of space. 

Make sure that you stick to neutral colours for the wardrobe when installing it in a small bedroom. Light colours reflect more light and make the interiors appear brighter and more spacious. Consider glossy laminates as they reflect more light.  

03 of 05 Ensure that the drawers are easily accessible 

The storage space of an adult and a kid is different. When designing the storage space of a kid, your first priority should be easy access. Kids will not be able to access the items stored at a height. Hence, low drawers should always be added to the small wardrobe design. Your kids will be able to easily open the drawers at the bottom and access all the essentials. Just make sure that the drawers are large enough to store items like toys and games so that your kid can easily clean the room when needed. Also, low drawers are a safer option as there are fewer chances of banging the head against sharp corners.

When your kid grows up, these low drawers will have practical use as well. For instance, they can be upgraded to a shoe rack so that all footwear can be stored properly. Just make sure that you choose colours for the drawers that can be used when they grow up. 

04 of 05 Look for finishes that require low maintenance 

Kids are not very careful while doing any activity. Hence, they can spill something on the wardrobe surface. This can stain the wardrobe and ruin the overall appearance of the children’s bedroom design. Some stains can be very stubborn and you might face difficulty in getting rid of them. To avoid such problems, you should choose a finish that is easy to clean and requires low maintenance. There are many finishes that can be wiped clean easily. One of the most popular options used for this purpose is lacquer. It has a beautiful glossy finish and can be found in many colours. Also, laminates are great as they are water-resistant and easy to clean. 

05 of 05 Look for fun handles

There are various ways to add some fun to your kid’s small wardrobe design. One common way is to choose fun handle designs for the wardrobe. You will be amazed to see the various types of handles available in the market for kids’ wardrobes. They can certainly add a quirky vibe. A few popular handle designs include star-shaped, butterfly-shaped, and heart-shaped drawer knobs. Get them in bright shades for a more vibrant appeal. A great way to give the wardrobe design a personal touch is by choosing handles that replicate your kid’s favourite cartoon characters. Even simple crown-shaped handles instead of regular handles will be a huge upgrade. 

The positioning of handles is very crucial. You must ensure that the handles are high enough to not hit the head of your kid if he or she runs around in the room. This will help to avoid any head injury.

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