Customizing your equity mutual fund portfolio: Creating a diversified mix for Rs. 5 crores

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Equity mutual funds offer high return potential that can help create substantial corpuses over the long term. Investors targeting Rs. 5 crores can customize their equity portfolio by selecting the right mix of funds catering to different market segments.

Seek diversification across market caps

Equity funds invest predominantly in stocks covering the entire market cap spectrum – large caps, mid caps, small caps, and multi caps. Constructing a portfolio spanning different market cap funds ensures diversification and reduces concentration risk. Investors should allocate higher share to large and multi cap funds for stability and balance it with mid and small cap funds for added growth opportunities.

Blend growth and value styles

In addition to market cap choices, equity funds have different investment styles – growth or value. Growth funds focus on high growth companies while value funds look for stocks available at a discount to intrinsic value. Blending growth and value funds caters to both rising popular companies and potential turnaround stories. This provides more diversification benefits.

Take advantage of thematic and sector funds

Beyond diversifying across market cap and styles, equity investors can target specific sectors, industries or equity investment themes through dedicated funds. Banking, infrastructure, manufacturing, energy, consumption focused funds allow betting on India’s structural growth. Thematic funds like technology, rural, exports help capture specific economic trends. Sparingly allocating to selective sector or thematic funds enhances portfolio upside.

Building a Rs. 5 crore equity portfolio

Here is one approach to constructing a well-diversified equity portfolio targeting Rs 5 crores over 10–12-year horizon:

– Large & Multi Cap Funds: Allocate 50% to large and multi cap funds to provide portfolio stability

– Mid & Small Cap Funds: Allocate 30% to mid and small cap funds to drive higher growth

– Sector/Thematic Funds: Allocate 10% to infrastructure, manufacturing or other sector specific funds to leverage India’s rising needs

– Value Funds: Allocate 5% to value funds for potential turnaround stories that can give high returns

– Growth Funds: Allocate 5% to growth oriented funds to participate in rising star companies and sectors

Rebalance yearly to account for fund category performance variations over time. Stay invested for long term to allow compounding to grow the corpus.

Advantages of this approach

This diverse mix of equity funds balances stability and higher return potential for targeted wealth creation. Core large cap funds reduce volatility while mid, small and sector funds enhance upside. Value and growth styles add more diversification.

Equity SIPs over 10-12 years can potentially grow a corpus of Rs 5 crores. Refining fund selection and asset allocation allows creating an optimized portfolio tailored to investor goals and risk appetite.


Equity mutual funds offer investors immense potential for long term wealth creation. Customizing one’s portfolio by identifying the right fund categories, investment styles and allocation mix can optimize returns. This focused equity portfolio building approach can potentially help achieve substantial corpus targets over the long term through the power of compounding.

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