It’s no secret that a well-organized closet can start your day off right, but if you’re working with a cramped space, getting dressed in the morning might be a stressful experience. While carving out just enough room in your small closet for clothing, shoes and accessories may seem impossible, practical organizing solutions can make all the difference. And believe it or not, they don’t have to be pricey.

Here, we’ve curated a list of useful small closet organization must-haves, from an over-the-door option that just snagged a Good Housekeeping Storage Award to a few clever ways to better utilize the space at the bottom of your closet. Pick and choose the organizers that work best for your lifestyle and budget (consider decluttering first, too), and then get ready to create a more functional closet that proves limited square footage doesn’t always have to be a hassle.


Consider Shoe Drawers

Container Store


Keep your favorite pairs intact with these clear drawers that make it easy to find what you want to wear on any given day.  


Create More Storage with a Double Rod



This double rod gives you more space to hang clothing without making your closet feel cluttered.


Experiment with a Coat Rack

Ebern Designs


If there’s absolutely no room in your closet for bulky coats, set up a chic rack in an unused corner.  


Place Clothes in Mesh Baskets

Tuck these baskets in a corner of your closet, and you’ll have the space you need to store tops, accessories, you name it. 


Hang Sunglasses Over the Door

Great Useful Stuff


This over-the-door sunglasses organizer, which can hold eight sunglasses, also features 16 pockets on the back that can be used for storing small accessories. Bonus: It’s a Good Housekeeping Storage Award winner! 

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Hang Clothes on Shower Rings



Skip folding everyday tops, and loop them onto repurposed shower rings instead. They’re lightweight and require far less room (and effort) to store this way.


Hang Belts

Organize It All


A belt hanger ensures that your favorites don’t get lost in the back of your closet.  


Don’t Overlook Dividers

Dotted Line


We’ll admit that dividers won’t magically create more room in your closet. However, they’ll make your ever-growing stack of sweaters look more polished.


Use Foldable Storage Baskets



When it comes to foldable fabric bins, the options are endless. Grab them to store tops, belts, socks and more.


Use Drawers for Small Bath Essentials

These small clear drawers are designed for the kitchen, but there’s no reason why you can’t use them for bath essentials (think Q-tips, floss picks and brushes).  


Store Items Seasonally



Don’t be afraid to re-organize your closet as the seasons change. Once the warm weather rolls around, store bulky sweaters in vacuum storage bags to keep them in tip-top shape for fall and winter.


Utilize Bottom Closet Space



Thanks to this compact metal shelf, your most-worn shoes can remain within arm’s reach.


Fill a Door with Baskets



Set up a row of mini baskets on the back of your door — the perfect solution for storing a plethora of items.


Swap Your Door for a Curtain

Gracie Oaks


Ditch the louvered or sliding closet door for a less bulky curtain, which can make your room feel lighter in an instant (and give you more space for awkward items). 


Try an Adjustable Shoe Rack



Don’t let the space at the bottom of your petite closet go to waste. Use an adjustable shoe rack for flats and sandals.


Make Use of Clothespins

You might only think of using clothespins for drying items, but since they take up little space, they can be used for hanging socks or stockings. 


Switch to Velvet Hangers



Not only are these velvet hangers perfect for saving space — they’re no-slip design means your clothes will stay put day after day.


Purchase a Tiered Jewelry Stand

Corral your jewelry collection with this tiered stand that’s the perfect example of style and function.


Install a Wall Hook Rack



Wall hooks are a no-fail space-saving solution. Hang this decorative brass rack to make it a breeze to access bath towels and robes. 


Use a Corner Hamper

Urban Outfitters


An attractive clothes hamper, like this wicker design that can be tucked into a corner or your closet. 

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