Unique Gift Ideas for Kids 2022

If you’re looking for great gift ideas for kids, I can tell you right now that you’ve come to the right place. I’ve recently realized that I’m a large child at heart. I thoroughly enjoy digging around for cute and unique gift ideas for all of the little ones in my life. Those of whom seem to be growing in droves by the day – the best!

I may or may not have started brainstorming what to get my daughter and all of my nieces, nephews, and friends’ babies’ for Christmas months ago. In fact, I have a whole note on my phone that I add to as I stumble upon new things to love year round. I, personally, am partial to open ended toys. The ones that can grow with your kid and be used in a multitude of different ways, so I tried to prioritize them as such. Following are a few great gift ideas for all of the cute little things in your life right now.

ps – I’m sure you’ve heard me chat about this toy subscription before, I love it so much. My mom bought it for us for the first year of my daughters life and it was such a wonderful gift. Weve continued to use them ever since and they’re some of our most played with items. If you’re looking for something a little more special I highly recommend it.

Photo: Brooke & Lou

Unique Gift Ideas for Kids 2022
Unique Gift Ideas for Kids 2022



1) Pod Squad car toy | 2) Bird scooter | 3) Canopy tent

4) Underwater camera | 5) Celestial silk streamer | 6) Reindeer book & stuffie

7) DIY gummy bear necklace kit | 8) Christmas baking apron | 9) Picnic play set

10) Wooden macarons | 11) Kitchen play set | 12) Wooden baby toy

13) Forest stacking toy | 14) Bunny night light | 15) Hibernating penguin stuffed animal

16) Toddler balance bike | 17) Stacking rainbow | 18) Unicorn night light

19) Gem sidewalk chalk | 20) Light-up soccer ball | 21) Dollhouse

22) Outfoxed board game | 23) Cloud rainbow push toy | 24) Natural finger paint

25) Polar bear nesting dolls



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