Tips for designing your contemporary bedroom

9 Interior Design Tips for Designing a Modern Bedroom - All About Interiors


Designing your bedroom isn’t easy, with so many options available in front of you. Plus, you have your own ideas, which, sometimes, don’t go with the vibe of your room. We understand that is another level of pain. Also, there’s no particular definition of contemporary or modern making it even harder to choose the bed designs


However, let us tell you the simplest definition of a contemporary design. A contemporary design is one that represents smooth surfaces and clean lines. The furniture forms should be round in shape instead of sharp edges. Neutral shades such as black, grey, tan, and white are essential, occasionally paired with bold accents in spaces. A contemporary design should reflect simplicity, little ornamentation, high definition, and careful use of texture. When all these aspects come together, they create a unique and attractive look for your bedroom. We have put together a few bedroom designs that you can choose from.


  • Go the minimalist way- The minimalist design is one of the best bedroom designs that are very sleek and works well for master bedrooms. The contemporary furniture also blends in well with the minimal way of colours and styling. In this design, the neutral shades of the platform bed along with bed linens are the centre point. You can use a pinch of green and dark wood to add balance to the bedroom. This design does not need extra beautification, so you can keep the extra elements such as wall art or other accessories at a minimum level. 
  • Scandi bedroom but with a twist- If you are someone who likes to make use of funky space, this design is for you. It includes a natural wooden bed and an open layout which is a trademark element of Scandinavian and contemporary design respectively. This clean look is perfect for a cosy bedroom. You can also include Scandi end tables, stools, or chairs as they go well with this kind of bedroom. The colour that would go well with the Scandi bedroom is pops of blue and whites along with a wood finish. You can either go for a single bed or double bed for a Scandi contemporary look for your bedroom. 
  • Contemporary boho bedroom- As the name suggests, the contemporary boho bedroom- design includes a touch of bohemian elements in addition to contemporary finishes. The bedroom feels like a dreamy vacation room with all its woven textured designs. The bed and other furniture in the room can be one with simple and clean lines as it complements the organic and rustic vibes of the room. Also, it should be a light wooden bed that complements the greys and oranges of the wall. Add mirrors to your bedside to bring some extra light to your room. If the space does not allow you to experiment, just add a desk as your end table and let it do the work. 
  • Connoisseur bedroom- This contemporary design of the bedroom is a people’s favourite who love to have a formal touch in their bedroom. This subtle look features a formal and classic elegance paired with gold accented furnishings which doesn’t look boring at all. You can never go wrong with the addition of pink, blue and grey as it can give a beautiful look to the bedroom with the perfect colour scheme. This bedroom allows you to have a single or double bed. The colour of the rug and cushions should be chosen carefully since they work as a visual statement and add to the vibe of the entire bed design. Instead of lamps, you can opt for wall sconces for a better and finished look. 
  • Traditionalist bedroom- The conditional list bedroom allows you to experiment with bold colours, unlike under contemporary designs that are based on a neutral palette. One of the best options for good colour is wrinkle blue that you can choose for your traditionalist bedroom. The regal blue holds the kind of positive impact that makes it the perfect match for traditional yet contemporary bedroom design. This bold colour makes every element of your room, including the bed and other accessories, look so pleasing that you do not need to spend on any other extra decoration. You can keep one side chair along with the nightstand for a one-seater sofa if the space allows you to. Choose the wall art and close very carefully that it mingles with the colour. 
  • Chic bedroom- With a mixture of modern flair, this type of bedroom design stands out on its own. The chic design involves symmetry, classic lines, and soft forms that give the design a boho touch and add warmth to the entire room. The colour scheme that goes well with the chic bed design is monochromatic pink. The choice of furniture can be a mix of fun and funky. Extra accessories that you can place in your bedroom other than the king size beds that add a little understated drama are floating shelves, nightstands, subtle wall art, gilded mirror, etc., as per your preference. 


In general, these are a few ways in which you can design your bedroom in a contemporary manner. Whichever way you want to choose, thoroughly research about it first and then choose the design. You will have to understand the vibe of your room, the colour scheme, and the aesthetics of your space before opting for the bedroom type. The space of your room is the major aspect that decides the most elements of your space. You can experiment with the designs or patterns as well if that’s what the vibe of your room is.