The Pros and Cons of Wooden Garage Doors

With the wide range of styles and varieties available in the market for garage doors, the owner must select one that best suits their needs. They must take into consideration the expenses they are willing to incur when carrying out the construction.

One of the most popular materials used for garage doors is wood. Old-fashioned, yet classy and stylish, wooden doors give a distinct look, not only to the garage, but to the entire house. There are several reasons that despite the availability of many different materials, wooden doors are still the preferred kind.

Doors made of wood have their own style quotient. While in modern construction steel, aluminum and fiberglass are extensively used, wooden doors retain an old world charm. They can easily match the wooden fashion of the rest of the house – its windows, doors and other details. This is a very important aspect for many homeowners. With the suitable color, texture and design, they can make the garage consistent with the design of the rest of the house. Check

While it looks like wooden garage doors are in a league much above the rest, when it comes to cost, they tend to hurt the owner’s financial plan. Steel and aluminum doors can cost almost twenty percent less than doors made of wood. Metal doors are also known to be more durable and better suited for automatic functioning. In places with extreme weather conditions, especially humid and tropical climate, wooden doors may not be the most practical choice. If not maintained well, they can deteriorate very easily and over a very short period of time.

The advantage of installing a wooden door for the garage is that it will not get rusted, unlike its steel counterpart. Minor dents, scratches or other signs of wear can be fixed more easily on wooden doors, than on doors made of other materials. If there is a scratch or any other form of deterioration, it can easily be covered by a coat of paint. In fact, a regular touch up of the paint can work wonders and help the wooden door last longer. If the door comprises several panels, it is also simple to replace a section of it. In the case of other materials, this may not be possible, and the entire door might have to be reinstated.

One of the main purposes of installing garage doors is to ensure security and safety of the vehicle, and also the house. Wood, being a natural substance, is bound to be more robust. It is more difficult to break down or destroy. Though it weighs more than steel doors, this feature probably works towards its advantage.

Despite the availability of fine quality material that costs less, a large number of house owners continue to fit wooden garage doors. This speaks volumes of the elegance, stability and convenience that wooden doors offer. They emanate an aura of excellence and high quality, while also providing enhanced security. Hence, wooden doors continue to be a popular choice while building garages.