Maintain Your Timber Flooring Shine With Polishing- How To Do It?

Regular cleaning is important for the hardwood floors. Because it is an important way to ensure that the floor lasts for long while removing the germs, dirt, and grime. But constant use of the cleaning products can dull the floor finish eventually and make the floor look old. So, people often ask how to make the hardwood floors shiny and more beautiful. And the answer to this question is polishing. Polished wooden floors are also available with benefits like protecting from scratches and mould. 

Few things about polishing the wooden floor:

Polishing the Timber Flooring In Baulkham Hills is a process, which needs proper care and attention to every detail. Although you can do it yourself at a cheap rate, most people choose to bring in professionals to perform this job. The main reason behind it is that the professionals can complete the job very realistically and within the fastest time. Polishing plays an important role in maintaining the Hardwood Floors while ensuring longevity, adding more shine, and protecting the overall finish.

How to polish the wooden floor?

  1. Test the wooden floor finish: Before you polish the wooden floor, it is important to check the finish of the flooring. But if you are unsure of the finish, then scrape off a little bit with a sharp knife blade. Here are the next steps to follow to test the finish of the timber flooring in Baulkham Hills.
  • If you find that the finish is smudged and no clear material scrapes up, then the floor must have a penetrating finish. This type of flooring should be waxed.
  • If the finish is a clear material, then it will be a surface finish. It is a safe option to polish these timber floors. 
  1. Clean the dust and dirt from the wooden flooring: Empty the place by removing all the furniture items. And then thoroughly clean the floor to remove the dust and dirt. Start with sweeping and vacuuming and then mop the floor with an industrial wooden floor cleaning solution to lift the lingering grime. Then give the floor a final pass with a water-dampened, clean mop to remove the cleaner residue.
  2. Polish the wooden floor to the shine: Start with the back corner of the room and then plot the path, which will end up near the exit. Next, pour a little amount of wooden floor polish onto the timber flooring in Baulkham Hills in S-shape. Then work the solution back and forth by using a flat-surface mop in the direction of the wood grain. This will smooth out all the air bubbles. Work in small areas to control the total amount of applied polish. Always apply thin layers as thin layers dry more rapidly than the thick ones.
  3. Do not use the room for a minimum of one day: After applying the polish, wait for at least an hour before allowing light traffic to the area. And then wait for a complete day before moving back all the belongings and resuming daily use. Never slide or drag the furniture to avoid scratching.