How to Hang Your Bunting for Maximum Impact: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re looking to decorate for a party, the festive season or even just a casual day at home, bunting is an excellent way to add some fun and festivity to your space. These decorations are inexpensive and can be customised perfectly to your needs by simply uploading your photo and selecting your ribbon colour and length. Whether you want large, small or somewhere in between, there are plenty of ways to hang your Printed Little Things bunting in your home. Read on to discover how!

Hanging Your Bunting Above the Door

If you’re looking to decorate a door, you can hang your bunting up via a door hook. This is a simple solution that will display your decoration in a way that’s easy to remove and won’t damage the door. Another option is to use a command hook, which can be removed with a simple tug and can be used again and again without damage to your wall. You may also want to consider adding a frame to the top of your door for added effect. For example, a wooden frame would add a nice finishing touch to a rustic bunting.

Hanging Bunting Over a Bed

If you want your bunting to take centre stage in a bedroom, you can hang it over the bed. This is a great way of making the bed the main focus of the room while adding a bit of festivity. Hanging your bunting above a bed can be done a few different ways, including the following: 

Hanging from the Ceiling – One option is to hang it from the ceiling. This will give an extra-festive feel and is a great way to ensure it is seen by all. You can use fishing line or even string to hang it, however, keep in mind that bunting is quite light and fishing line might not be strong enough. 

Hanging from the Top of the Bed – You can also hang it from the top of the bed. This will ensure it is seen by all and is a great way to decorate for a party or special occasion. You can use hooks or even a ribbon to hang your bunting from the top of the bed.

Hanging on the Ceiling

If you have a high or high-pitched ceiling, you can hang your bunting from it either via fishing line or string. This is a great way to display your bunting and is particularly effective in large open spaces where your bunting can be seen by all. Another option is to use a clip string to attach to the ceiling and then use a clip to attach your bunting. This is a quick and easy way to display your bunting, and it can be removed in seconds.

Bottom line

Bunting is an excellent decoration that is great for parties and the festive season. It is inexpensive, easy to customise and takes very little time to add some festivity to your space. There are many ways to hang your bunting and each method produces a different effect. Moreover, there are a number of ways to hang each type of bunting: you can hang from a door, above a bed or even from the ceiling. There are many options for hanging your bunting, so you’re sure to find something that works for you.