How to decorate a mirror for Christmas? 20 ideas that will turn your mirror into this beautiful masterpiece!

How to decorate a mirror for Christmas? 20 ideas that will turn your mirror into this beautiful masterpiece!

I love the warm, cozy feeling of coming home and seeing all the Christmas decoration. This is truly the most wonderful time of the year! We all have our favorite things to decorate. I personally love decorating the Christmas tree and putting lights around the house. My question today is, do you decorate your mirrors? Sometimes, it feels like mirrors are there to serve their purpose, but let me tell you that they can be a great decor. How to decorate a mirror for Christmas? How to turn it into a beautiful holiday piece? Our Deavita team has a few suggestions for you today!

How to decorate a mirror for Christmas?

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Decorating your mirror for Christmas can become the best idea for decoration that you ever had. Now is the time to harness all your imagination and to try out this year’s Christmas trends. No matter the shape or how big it is, with the right materials you can turn the mirror into a masterpiece. You can choose to decorate with natural materials, or do something different with your last year’s decorations. There are many ideas that you can try adapting. Normally the mirrors are placed somewhere, where we pass by very frequently. This means you will enjoy this decor many times as you pass by. Are you already in the Christmas spirit? Let’s find out the best ways of decorating your mirrors!

1. Decorate your mirror with Christmas lights

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Decorating a mirror with lights can bring this festive and cheerful vibe that we all want for Christmas. If you want a cozy and warm ambiance in your home, you must try adapting this kind of Christmas decoration. There is no doubt that lights bring up the Christmas mood the most. When you wrap them around your mirror, they will reflect and creating this romantic, subtle environment. All you are going to need is a cup of hot chocolate and your favorite Christmas movie playing on the TV.

Fairy lights on a mirror 

fairy lights on a mirror christmas decoration 2022 winter ideas arts and crafts DIY

If you have this rustic, old-fashioned kind of mirror, the best way to give it life for Christmas is with fairy lights. This tiny magical dots look exactly like I would imagine fairy dust to be. This vibe that they give is very movie-like. Their glow is just what you need to dive into these holidays with a warm heart and a big smile!

Decorate your vanity mirror

decorate your mirror with christmas lights elegant romantic atmosphere holiday spirit cozy house lifestyle

Your vanity mirror is probably the one you used the most. Why not decorate it for Christmas and enjoy it while you apply your makeup in the morning? Everybody needs a little bit of extra light on their mirrors. Christmas is the perfect time to try this out!

2. Christmas wreath on your mirror

how to put a wreath on your mirror christmas decorations idea 2022 DIY red colors holiday spirit trendy

Why put a wreath only on your outside door when you can put one on your mirror? Check out how chic and stunning it looks! It will definitely give your interior an elevated, rich look and this elegant vibe that we all want! There are many different kinds of Christmas wreath to choose from that will look good with your mirror and furniture.

3. Put a garland on your mirror frame

christmas garland on mirror frame ideas DIY creative arts and crafts easy at home cozy trendy

Garlands are the perfect decoration for your mirror since they will fit so well around your mirror frame. You can decorate the garland with Christmas ornaments, pine cones or lights if you want something extra glowy. Here, I would suggest to use artificial garlands, since the real ones can’t hold a lot without water.  You can get really creative and DIY a paper garland, or a dried fruit garland that will also make your house smell like Christmas.

4. Decorate your bathroom mirror

bathroom mirror ideas christmas decorations art crafts creative easy holiday spirit winter 2022

Have you ever thought of decorating your bathroom mirror? If not, this is the time to try it out! You can try all the different Christmas decorations like hang a wreath or a garland. I would recommend to not put lights in the garland, since this can be a hazard in the bathroom with all the water. Try adapting another creative way to feel the Christmas spirit, even in the bathroom!

5. Christmas stickers and drawings

winter christmas decoration for mirrors and windows stickers snowflakes how to decorate this year 2022 easy DIY

Of course, we cannot skip on the Christmas snowflake stickers that we all loved as children. I personally could not wait for someone to pass them to me and start creative a beautiful winter setting. If you do not want the stickers, you can make it extra fun and try drawing on your mirror. There is a special kind of paint and artificial snow spray that you can use. It is easy to remove afterwards, only using a sponge and water. Both of the techniques can be used on your windows as well. Get your family together and try drawing the most beautiful Christmas picture.

Other ideas for Christmas mirror decorations

beautiful christmas 2022 decoration mirror how to decorate at home DIY ideas art and craft blue red and green colors

Golden Christmas bells on a mirror 

beautiful stunning christmas decoration this years trends golden bells hanged on a mirror

Mirror on a mirror Christmas decoration 

sun mirror christmas decoration garland with lights stunning chic trends winter 2022

Red ice skates stunning mirror decoration 

Christmas home deocration mirror lights stunning red and green winter how to decorate your house ideas

A beautiful mirror with lights 

fireplace christmas decoration mirror with lights deers wonderful time of the year winter 2022 art and craft trends

Christmas deer garlands from paper on a mirror 

Christmas garland deer paper DIY red and green colors trendy winter 2022

Christmas mirror decoration with fresh fir green

fresh green decoration for christmas mirror fireplace how to decorate this year what are the trends

Decorate for Christmas in front of your mirror

how to decorate your mirror winte 2022 christmas trends and colors what are the best decorations festivity

Paper decorations to put on your mirror this Christmas

paper decorations for christmas mirror fireplace stunning easy and simple DIY art and craft

Christmas garland with lights around your mirror frame

christmas garlands with lights around your mirror frame elegant ideas decorations

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