Condo Q&A: Can HOA Ban Flags on Trucks?

Also: Do standing committees have to put up notices of any conference? And does failing to submit a assembly/agenda information in just 48 hours violate the Sunshine legal guidelines?

STUART, Fla. – Dilemma: Our HOA Declaration prohibits “signs, banners, commercials and posters from being exhibited, exhibited, inscribed, painted, or affixed, in, on, or upon any section of the Homes without the need of prior ARC approval.” It also provides that this prohibition contains “signs inside of of Dwelling Device home windows or the home windows of motor autos.”

Just one owner has two huge political flags on his truck and many owners are upset. Can these flags be prohibited based on the existing restriction? – K.Z., Hollywood, FL

Reply: No. The restriction you quoted lists the prohibited items. The checklist does not contain flags. As a result the Latin lawful principle expressio unius est exclusio alterius applies. This is a theory of statutory design that usually means when just one or more things of a course are expressly stated, others of the same course are excluded.

So, mainly because the list does not include things like “flags,” flags are not prohibited. In many cases lists like this are proceeded with the phrase “including but not limited to … “ This phrase indicates the listing is not exhaustive and other things in the exact course could also be prohibited but in your situation, the restriction does not contain this caveat.

Issue: Do standing committees have to submit notices of any assembly they have wherever a quorum is present to examine business and enable owners to go to and talk like at board meetings? – B.C., Boca Raton, FL

Reply: It is dependent on whether or not it is a condominium, cooperative or HOA, what type of committee it is, and what the bylaws for the affiliation present. Beneath I will make clear.

The Condominium Act (F.S. 718) and Cooperative Act (F.S. 719) supply that ALL committees must satisfy like a board of directors (detect, users can go to, etcetera.) Except if the bylaws exclude committees from assembly like a board. The only exception are committees that just take last action on behalf of the board or make spending budget recommendations which often have to fulfill like a board, regardless of what the bylaws present. So, except if the condominium or cooperative bylaws exclude committees from assembly like a board, by default, all committees must do so.

Alternatively, the HOA Act (F.S. 720) provides the similar matter but in reverse. The HOA Act presents that all committees DO NOT have to meet up with like a board (besides committees that have the authority to get remaining action or ARC committees) Unless of course the bylaws offer affirmatively that all committees have to meet like the board. So, Except if your HOA bylaws offer that committees have to meet up with like the board, by default committees do not have to do so.

Issue: My condominium association’s once-a-year owners/election assembly was just held. There was not a 48-hour posting of the conference/agenda in violation of the Sunshine rules. Is the assembly and election invalid as the fruit of the toxic tree? C.G., Treasure Coastline

Response: The Condominium Act does not need a 48-hour posted detect for the yearly assembly and election – it needs 14 days mailed and posted observe with an agenda. Specifically, Area 718.112(2)(d)(3) Florida Statutes offers that “Written notice of an yearly conference ought to include an agenda be mailed, hand shipped, or electronically transmitted to every device operator at minimum 14 times prior to the annual meeting and be posted in a conspicuous put on the condominium residence or association property at the very least 14 continual days ahead of the yearly assembly.”

If this was not performed, then the assembly could be challenged for inappropriate observe. However, if you attended the conference and did object at the starting of the assembly that there was inappropriate observe, you may well have waived your proper to item.

In any circumstance, in get to obstacle the election, you would have to do so within just 60 days of the election. You really should consult with a Florida certified lawyer knowledgeable in condominium regulation if you wish to proceed.

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