Best Types of Fridges Based on Door Style Money Can Buy

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Whether you are living in a joint family or are a bachelor, you need a fridge. But finding the right for you can get confusing. You have many factors to consider like the fridge size, door style, brand, energy efficiency, and price when you buy a fridge online. 

Know about the different types of fridges based on door styles in this article. Locate the right fridge for your needs and budget.

Best fridge types based on door styles

Once you know the area of your kitchen and the place where the fridge will sit, it’s time you choose the right type of fridge based on door style. 

Mainly, there are six types of fridges: 

  1. Single door fridge
  2. Double door fridge
  3. Bottom freezer fridge
  4. French door fridge, and 
  5. Side-by-side fridge

Let us dig in detail about each of the types:

Single door fridge: Single door is the most common type of fridge you can buy. This type of fridge is perfect for a single individual or a family of two. With only one door for both the fridge and the freezer, the small size fridges offer an average capacity of around 165 to 280 litres.

Double door fridge: Double door fridges can either be top freezer or bottom freezer. The popular type of fridge has more space and so is perfect for households with four members. Double-door fridges have a capacity of around 235 to 415 litres.

Bottom freezer fridge: Only some brands in India offer bottom-freezer design in double door fridges. The freezer in this type of fridges is located at the bottom and has a slightly bigger deep freezer. Also, the main fresh food storage fridge compartment is at eye level making it comfortable. 

French door fridge: French door fridge is one of the best fridge types. It mixes style with practicality. French door fridges have two doors for the fridge compartment and come with a freezer at the bottom. They offer wider shelves, plenty of storage space, larger door bins, and a large freezer. 

Side-by-side fridge: Side-by-side fridges feature vertical compartments split in two halves. There is a fridge on the right and a freezer on the left. They are costly. The design allows you to store food items at eye-level in the fridge as well as the freezer. Also, they come with many adjustable deep shelves and bins. 
So, when you set out to buy a fridge online or offline, know that you can choose from some of the best fridges in India. You can buy fridges online at Tata CLiQ.