7 important Questions To Ask House Cleaning Services

7 important Questions To Ask House Cleaning Services

 Busy schedules and multi-income families have made hiring house cleaning services a necessity. There was a time when it was considered a lule rely on these services. xury but now more and more peop

As the need for cleaning services increased, many new companies have been established that offer cleaning services. However, the increasing competition has posed another challenge for homeowners and that is finding a reliable service. 

When you invite over some people to clean your house and that may include times when you are not at home, you would only want nothing but the best. Your concerns are real and so are the following questions you should ask before hiring a house cleaning service.

What Is Your Expertise?

Before you ask these important questions from a prospective cleaning service, you need to know your requirements and schedules as well. Do you need water cleanup services in dublin oh or regular cleaning services? Or you are in for a deep cleaning session for your home? Ask yourself. List out what you actually need. Will you need the cleaning services for one time or you want to set a cleaning schedule? 

Prefer a company with minimum response time, flexible working hours, and some great references. Don’t forget to inquire about the expertise of the company.

How Do You Charge For Your Services?

Hiring cleaning services is not so affordable yet but you can get some great deals by shopping around. You can also get recommendations from people who have already hired house cleaning services. List out the most reliable companies in your area and request estimates.

 Cleaning services rarely offer flat rates. Most of the companies charge hourly rates while others charge by the number of employees they send in your home. Factors such as the home size, condition, and task required are the basis of the rate. Get your answers at the initial stages to avoid inconveniences later.

Is Your Company Insured And Bonded?

Credentials of a house cleaning company matter. It is tempting to hire any cleaning lady that promises to take care of your house and charges half the price of a cleaning company. The best approach is to only hire a company that is adequately insured and bonded. Have a cleaning company at your home that has an insurance policy and worker’s compensation policy in place. Hiring a bonded company gives you a sense of security and peace of mind.

How Do You Screen Your Employees?

This is one of the most important questions you must ask. A reputable company performs complete background checks on their employees. The screening procedure of a cleaning company is crucial for your safety. And the best companies never hesitate to keep their customers in the loop so that they can enjoy peace of mind.

A lot of homeowners struggle to trust a new cleaning person every time they request the services of their preferred company. You can always request them to provide you the same cleaner every time so that you know who is entering or leaving your house.

Do You Work Off A Checklist?

Every home cleaning service has its own ideas of what a basic or deep cleaning includes. You need to know what you are going to pay for and that is possible by requesting their typically used checklists. Compare the rates of different companies to hire a company that offers value for your hard-earned money. But keep in mind that you only get what you pay for.

Who Will Get The Cleaning Supplies?

It is best to ask who will get the cleaning supplies in your first meeting. The general rule is that the cleaners bring their cleanings gear with them. You may be requested to arrange cleaning supplies on your own if you are hiring an inexpensive service.

What Is Your Strategy For Empty Home Entrances?

Whether you are hiring them for flood water removal or regular basic cleaning, discuss how will they gain access to your home when you are not around. Trustworthy companies make sure there is a policy in place that regulates who will get the keys and how will they be kept safe. Make sure your house key is always going to be accounted for.

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