4 Reasons to Hire a Plumber for Water Heater Installation

Installing water heaters in your Australian home is a big deal. It is not your average DIY project and it is required by law to have a licensed plumbing specialist to do the job. To be able to meet the local building codes and to ensure that it is safely and correctly installed, you should always hire a licensed professional.

On average, a plumber in Sydney may charge you around $45 to $70 per hour when installing water heater features in your home. It will take around 6 to 8 hours, depending on the type of your water heater, to do the job. Some may see this as a relatively high amount ranging from $250 to $560 for a visit, but having a plumber do the installation for you is the safest and legal way to have your water heater installed.

4 Top Reasons To Hire a Plumbing Professional for Your Water Heater Installation

Reduce Risk of Fire and Explosion

When dealing with natural gas powered water heaters, it is advisable and mandated by law to always work with a professional.  Working with a licensed plumber Western Sydney ensures that your installation is done within the local codes, minimising the risks of leaks, fires and explosions. If you do not want to put your family and property at risk, it would be best to hire a professional to do the installation.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is one of the potential risks and threats if you fail to have your gas powered water heaters installed professionally. Proper ventilation is essential to ensure that carbon monoxide does not build up inside your property. When people are exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide for a long period of time, they are at risk for severe brain damage, or worst, even death. Carbon monoxide is hard to detect since it is odourless. If you do not have a functional carbon monoxide detector, there is no way to determine if a monoxide leak is happening in your property. Having your water heaters installed and maintained by a professional plumber ensures that gas leaks are not present in your household.

Maintain or Increase Home Resale Value

A professionally installed and maintained water heater in your home adds value to your home and your property. If you have installed the water heater by yourself, it would be difficult to have it inspected and get the necessary permits required by your state. If you fail to pass the yearly inspection, you would have to hire a duly accredited plumber to do the job again, thus costing you twice. Having your water heater initially installed by a professional plumber saves you costs in the long run.

It Gives You Peace of Mind

If you have worked with a licensed plumber in installing your water heater, you are secured that your water heater is installed properly and up to code. You give yourself peace of mind by doing so. The risks of leaks, having fires or gas poisoning will always be at bay if you continue to have your water heaters checked and maintained regularly. It also helps you save thousands of dollars from unexpected repairs and malfunctions.

In most states in Australia, it is required by law to have you water heaters installed, repaired and maintained by professional and experienced plumbers and gas fitters. It is a building code requirement to have these items, including your gas -powered appliances installed by an accredited professional. Most states also require a homeowner to have their water heaters inspected annually, with certifications and documentations to prove its efficiency. By hiring a professional plumber, you are guaranteed that your water heater, home and property are in good hands.